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Hanscom Air Force Base, Grenier Street, Hanscom Air Force Base, MA, USA

Latest report: September 26, 2022 4:41 PM
#publicsafety #building #55grenierstreet #hanscomairforcebase #massachusetts #unitedstates

A falling accident at the visitor pass building

2 months ago

On 21 Sept we drove up to the Kirtland gate to enter Hanscom. My spouse needed to renew her dependent ID Card and was denied base access. We had to go enter the base at the Vandenberg gate to get her a base pass.(Strange Rule me being... See More a retired vet with a valid ID not being able to vouch for her). While at the Pass building my wife took a fall and injured her right arm and right leg causing a laceration and burses. No hand rail was present on the two steps at the pass office building. and the officers in the building only offered her a chair. She was bleeding from her arm so after receiving a pass I bandaged her from my first aid kit in our car.
Why wasn't there a hand rail at the steps and why was no first aid offered?
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Call the department of health and human services.
Reply 1 month ago
YES!!! Call your City and County Health Departments! Clean your camera lens and re-take your video. It is difficult to view your video the way it is. Should you go to court it would make a better presentation, especially of the mold. Good Luck!
Reply 1 month ago
My wife and I went to Costco on Saturday 10/29/2022 at approximately 10:00 am. We left approximately 10:30 am and after driving about five minutes the low tire air pressure light came on and the left front was showing as fifteen pounds. We immediately drove to the... See More Hyundai dealership because we have a tire warranty with them. When we got there we were told that someone had stabbed the sidewall of the tire with a knife. We tried to think of why someone would do that to our car but couldn't think of a reason. We had not jumped in front of anyone for the parking spot and were parked within the lines. As we were talking to the cashier before leaving, she suggested that someone might have thought there was a female alone in the car. My wife does have a front license plate with her name on it so that did sound like a possibility. If that was the case, then they probably changed their mind when I walked out of the store with her. With the kidnapping and such going on I thought that you might want to take a look at the Costco video from that time period to see if it matched up with any cases you are working on. We called the Costco manager later and reported the incident. He said he would look at the video and let us know if he saw anything. We have not heard from him. See Less

KMMOTORS Car Trash Can, Car Trash Bag Foldable Hanging, Car Trash bin, Cute car Gadgets, Car Garbage(Medium, Black)

When used as demonstrated, directed, and suggested by manufacturers can cause vehicle to unexpectedly change
gears, resulting in damage to vehicle transmissions or can cause a sudden deceleration... See More or acceleration if a vehicle
(such as the 2023 and many other year model Kia Forte and other such vehicles in the Kia family) (also other makes beyond Kia) by placing
pressure and weight on the shifter which pulls it into manual shifting mode (it is a small movement to the right of
the drive gear that then allows the user of the car to manually shift between gears) or into other gears such as neutral, reverse, drive, park, etc. It requires almost no added
weight to the item and can be dangerous leading to potential crash situations, loss of control, sudden loss of speed, damage to the transmission and gear shifter, and potentially loss of life and property not just to vehicle occupants but those nearby or in traffic at both a high speed and low speed.
Manufacturer suggests that to use this vehicle trash can they wrap a support strap around the gear shifter in their

Vehicle trash can secured via strap around center located vehicle gear shifter.
Product being sold via Amazon.
Name: KMMOTORS Car Trash Can, Car Trash Bag Foldable Hanging, Car Trash bin, Cute car Gadgets, Car Garbage(Medium, Black)

Also sold under the model names of Jopps, Jopps Premium, Jopps Medium Diamond, Aladdin, Aladdin Small, Aladdin Medium, Aladdin Premium, Aladdin Large, Aladdin Small with Lid.
Size: ‎3.57 x 3.41 x 0.15 inches
Weight: 9.6 ounces

Other model size: 9.06"L x 8.66"W x 0.39"H
Other model weight: 0.6 Pounds

Note this is a preliminary report to prevent any possible unsafe outcomes from ocurring once I spotted this online as a reccomended product to me via Amazon. It is dangerous and needs to be documented as it has the potential to cause loss of life and property.
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I received a package just now I did not order. It is a Dolin Youpin 1502 World Map Series quill pen set.
The original label that is a China Post Label With my name and address on it was covered by a Sure post label
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I received one also but don't see any charges for it and never ordered such a thing
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I received a package of 3 snoring devices that I never ordered from the same company on the same address as above, sender is listed: as online seller. This has to stop
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