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About Us

Mission of SafelyHQ
SafelyHQ was founded to leverage the power of shared consumer experiences for community impact. Our team brings expertise in crowdsourcing, data verification, analysis and communications. This platform is built on the power of shared knowledge. We aggregate consumer reports on critical community issues ranging from power outages to fraud alerts and boil water advisories while also scanning online sources for related notices from local entities and social media platforms. By centralizing these real-time reports all in one place organized by location and subject hashtags like #PowerOutage, #BoilWaterAdvisory, or #Boston, we empower communities to stay informed while also providing key insights to industry and agencies. Our verification processes aim to ensure report authenticity so our platform provides a reliable pulse on emerging issues. By surfacing trends early and accelerating problem-solving, we believe developing tech-enabled transparency at scale can transform communities creating new levels of accountability, responsiveness, and ultimately safety and wellbeing for all.

How It Works, Our Process
  • At SafelyHQ, we simplify the complex journey from issue reporting to resolution. It starts when you, the consumer, report a concern on SafelyHQ. SafelyHQ also pulls directly from news reports, government sites, social media, and community sites to highlight concerns.
  • Every consumer report on SafelyHQ gets both a human review and a technical back-end review. These reviews are designed to eliminate malicious or inauthentic reports. Misuse or malicious use of the site by users is also against our terms of use policy. Our commitment is to ensure as best we can, that each report represents an authentic observation from a real person.
  • Throughout this process, from report to publicly posting, we maintain transparency and keep our community updated, fostering a proactive and informed public sphere.

Collaborations and Partnerships
Our strength at SafelyHQ lies in our partnerships. Collaborating with consumers, health agencies, local governments, NGOs, and community organizations, we amplify the impact of each report. These alliances not only enhance our data's reliability but also ensure swift, coordinated responses to community issues. Together, we are building resilient communities equipped to face modern safety challenges.

Empowering Communities: The Impact of Your Reports at SafelyHQ
Hundred of reports are shared daily on trending issues like water quality, power reliability, fraud alerts, and more. Reports and notifications one, bring awareness to community members, and two, enable agencies and industry to rapidly respond to any emerging issues. Check our news page here to see highlighted reports and incidents.
At SafelyHQ, we understand the power of community vigilance in safeguarding public health and safety. Every report you make contributes to a larger tapestry of community awareness, helping others stay informed about potential risks and emerging issues in their surroundings. From alerting neighbors about a local power outage to sharing updates on public health concerns, your contributions play a crucial role in fostering a proactive, responsive, and resilient community. By harnessing the collective insights of individuals, SafelyHQ not only provides real-time data for immediate concerns but also aids in creating long-term strategies for public safety and wellness. Your voice, combined with the power of our community, can lead to meaningful changes and ensure a safer environment for all.

Commitment to Trust and Accuracy
At SafelyHQ, trust is more than a principle; it's our foundation. We understand the importance of accurate and transparent information in ensuring community safety. Our commitment extends across all facets of our platform, encompassing a proper data verification process that upholds the highest standards of accuracy and reliability.

  • Dual Approach to Information Gathering
    • User-Generated Submissions: At the heart of SafelyHQ are the contributions from our community members. Each submission from users is carefully reviewed, ensuring that it provides real, actionable insights for community safety.
    • Research-Driven Updates: Complementing our user submissions, we actively scan, research and present local and national regulatory notices and recalls. Our team and technology diligently gathers and verifies these official updates, providing a comprehensive view of safety-related developments.

We understand the sensitivity of the information we handle. Our strict privacy policy ensures that the data shared with us is managed with the utmost care and confidentiality. Your trust is paramount, and we are committed to being a reliable source of information for our community.

SafelyHQ in the News

  • NY Post: Highlights the crucial role of SafelyHQ in identifying and reporting health hazards in pet treats, particularly focusing on the increased reports of illnesses and deaths linked to DreamBone dog chews, and emphasizing the impact of crowdsourced data in prompting investigations by authorities like the FDA.
  • NY Post: Covers SafelyHQ's investigation into widespread incidents of unsolicited, empty parcels being received across the U.S., suggesting a link to "brushing" scams by Amazon vendors and highlighting data privacy concerns.
  • NY Post: Speaks on SafelyHQ's role in uncovering significant delays and parcel losses at the USPS's Teterboro facility, demonstrating the impact of community-driven risk reporting on identifying and addressing large-scale operational issues.

*For more instances of SafelyHQ's coverage in the news, click here.

Your Role in Community Safety
At SafelyHQ, community engagement is vital. We encourage you to actively participate by reporting issues, sharing insights, and following updates. Your involvement not only contributes to broader awareness but also drives meaningful change. Join our forums, engage in discussions, and be an integral part of our safety-conscious community.

Connect with Us
Have questions or need assistance?
Reach out to us at

  1. Q: How can I report an issue?
    1. Simply visit our 'Report an Issue' page and follow the easy steps to submit your report.
  2. Q: Is my personal information kept confidential?
    1. Absolutely. Protecting your privacy is our top priority. We handle all data in accordance with our privacy policy.
  3. Q: Can I track the status of my report?
    1. Yes, you can follow updates on your report and ongoing issues on our website.
  4. Q: What services does SafelyHQ provide?
    1. Crowdsourcing platform for consumer reports on community health and safety issues
    2. Scans of social media, news sites, county/city pages for related alerts and reports
    3. Real-time status updates on power, water, outbreaks, scams affecting areas
    4. Location-based organization by region and hashtag for easy search
    5. Alert notifications to industry and government on emerging issues
    6. Analysis of trending issues and pain points to support solutions
  5. Q: What values does SafelyHQ stand by?
    1. Consumer empowerment through sharing experiences
    2. Commitment to authenticity and integrity of crowdsourced reports
    3. Objective presentation of publicly available data alongside consumer reports
    4. Belief in community-driven awareness and accountability
Take the First Step Towards Community Safety

Ready to make a difference? Start by reporting an issue or signing up for our updates. Your voice matters in shaping a safer, more informed community. Together, let's take proactive steps towards safety and awareness. Report an Issue here. Subscribe for Updates here.

About the Founder

Patrick Quade, the founder and CEO of IWP Health Inc., oversees an array of platforms including,,, and With a solid foundation in data analysis and financial systems from his time at Morgan Stanley, Patrick skillfully navigates the realms of real-time crowdsourcing, data management, and risk detection in public health informatics. His expertise, honed over a decade, positions him as a leader in using data and technology for public safety and health. Under his guidance, these platforms have grown to not only monitor consumer risks, especially in the food industry, but also provide B2B solutions with valuable insights from diverse data sources. Patrick's commitment to public health is further evidenced by his utilization of advanced machine learning for data analysis, which aids in early risk identification and operational optimization.

Patrick, a distinguished speaker, has presented at over 50 events in the U.S. and globally on Food, Safety, and Environmental Health, including at the International Association for Food Protection Conference, FDA events, state Environmental Health conferences, and regional education conferences. View all his event participations here. Additionally, he has authored a peer-reviewed article in JMIR Public Health & Surveillance and has been featured in major publications like the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal for his contributions to outbreak detection and public health improvement.

Patrick Quade speaking at the Global Food Safety Initiative Conference in Nice, France

SafelyHQ is a subsidiary of IWP Health Inc

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