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Danville, PA, USA
Symptoms: Fever, Other, Chills, Chest Pain, Swelling, Dehydration
I am going to post my entire diary. Those who truly want to know won't mind reading the entire thing's still not over yet.

Pfizer 51 day systemic reaction
(now beyond day 77)
Danville, PA

*Not a complaint*
(wasn't at the time)

I had left prior short term reviews on both doses, now I am finally able to detail my entire reaction which was shocking to me honestly. Arthritis/fibro/immune compromised patients be advised.

After dose 1 on 3 Mar, it simply made my left hand ballooned then arthritic (never had arthritic hands before this) and it seemed as if it was going to relent, but kept coming and going, then eventually this spread to both hands and ankles. I gained 3 pounds of water weight. The pain was maddening from day 8 on, coming and going.

Day 12 I had routine nonsteroidal spinal injections. MISTAKE. I wouldn't advise doing this but it was urgent as I needed the injections to have the capability to drive to dose 2. My whole left side's injection sites swelled and scabbed over several days. (never had that happen in 12 years of receiving them) I could not sit down, lie down, or touch the sites but it resolved quickly in my opinion. The hand pain stayed the course until...

Dose 2 I was thankful to receive and looked forward to my newfound freedom. 1 Apr I had the minor eye floaters on the way home just like dose 1. I felt like a dead dog so fell asleep on the couch as soon as I walked through the door. 7 hours later developed chills and mild fever and leg (quads) pain. No big deal I thought as this happens to everyone. I began consuming electrolytes and rode the fever out with the aid of Ibuprofen. My last review ended with me saying I expect a 1 to 2 day recovery. That is not what really happened.

Following dose 2 ( lot # EP7534) I suffered an entire body inflammatory response.
The leg pain became so severe I had difficulty walking or doing anything at all for 8 days. Any attempt at physical activity doubled the pain. This is when I had my first Dr appointment and I was told to be patient and it should resolve in 2 to 4 WEEKS, and if not I need to be tested for Rheumatoid. I waited patiently and prayed for this to end. As a former athlete, I will admit to being way less sore after running a marathon.

The legs began to ease up but it traveled back to my hands, then to my lower back, then to my knees and feet. Called our Covid hotline at least 4 times during the 3 week course of this barrage and was told that this kind of reaction is almost unheard of. It then hit my hips. This was so excruciating for a week I had to lift my legs by hand to get up, and once again I could walk but didn't desire to. Next doctor appointment, was advised if the pain will not resolve in a timely manner, I need a full examination and bloodwork for gout and 7 other tests were ordered.

While laid up, incidentally my Father received dose 1 of Moderna. He was symptom free until Day 8, then, had the exact same reaction but on a lesser scale. It was then I started to believe something in our genetics is causing it. Day 52, it FINALLY began subsiding. The swelling reduced and became localized to the right knee (prior injury) and the left hand.

Overall, this was a severe reaction but I do not solely blame the vaccine. I am a 43 year old woman with Fibromyalgia and a slew of other compromising health issues. These companies did their ultimate best to save lives, perhaps mine included. Although devastated to seemingly have permanent damage to the knuckles of my left hand, tissue of the right knee and knuckles of my foot, there has been far greater devastation from Covid, including losing a family member.

I am extremely hesitant towards the booster, but I need the protection to feel at peace with sending my children back to school. I will follow my doctor's advice and the Covid team's direction to fill out the VAERS surveys for both doses. This information is found in small print on the back of the card.


It did NOT end here either. 48 hours after the joint pain "subsided," I went to bed thinking it was all over then woke up in Tachycardia shortly after midnight with a heart rate of 156! ? For 3 days I had my daughter sleep in my bed with me as I battled a severely irregular heart beat. This was preposterous as I spent decades as a personal trainer and thought (knew!) I had a very healthy heart?

On the 3rd day of being stuck in chronic tachycardia episodes, my daughters ended up urgently calling family and an ambulance because I felt symptoms of a possible stroke.

In the ambulance my BP had escalated to 167/110 and normal for me is actually always quite low. In fact I had a reading of 117/74 the week prior during an unrelated visit. I have never had a high blood pressure reading in my entire life not from any illness or activity ever!

At the hospital I was informed my kidneys had astonishingly dropped to less than 40% of function and I was in real trouble. They stabilized me and sent me home, then a day later I went right back into tachycardia for an additional 3 days. I did the equivalent of a marathon or more each night IN MY SLEEP. I was given a heart monitor to record the activity and set up with an urgent echocardiogram and CT of my heart. With a blood clotting disorder, I could not afford to mess around any longer and had to leave my kids once again to be driven to the ER. 7 additional hours I spent with a pulse often above 150. I was finally given a Beta blocker and also an antibiotic, as the dehydration this was causing me erupted into a kidney infection which was throbbing on my right side.

I feared for me life. I feared for my vitality as my Pain treatments were stripped away due to the suspected heart condition. All my heart tests came back completely normal and I was told my heart is oddly not the source of my heart condition. A relief yes, but just further proof of how extremely and completely this vaccine attacked my body.

I was having chest pains the week prior and the week of these attacks which was finally concluded to be new Costochondritis, a rare flareup which can happen with Fibromyalgia. Thank God that's all it is but I am so through with this vaccine now and the utter devastation it has caused my entire body. I am having trouble breathing and the umpteen hospital visits have ruled out everything else. It is not anxiety but I will admit alas I have begun to grow impatient with this!! I have 1/2 dozen medical professionals in contact with me daily now working on a way to get me to the finish line.

After clearing my heart tests, I was reinstated for Pain Management and was brought in immediately for an appointment. My back underwent approximately 30 trigger point injections and there was not a location on my body without a muscle spasm. My last injections were rejected by my body due to the presence of the vaccine and I prayed this time they wouldn't be. During the procedure I suffered an immediate inflammatory response, elevated blood pressure, etc etc. My skin reacted so badly my administrator could not even apply the bandages. 13 years getting these injections and no problems until right now!

Next day it started happening all over again. My body (more specifically, the vaccine within my body) began to reject some of my treatment in the lower region. I am now being put on a steroid to combat the vaccine and widespread pain reaction of the chest, legs, hips, extremities, and back. I continue to take the Beta blocker now as well.

10 weeks of suffering I just want it to end but more importantly I have to stay vigilant in getting my story told. I'm willing to bet a reaction like this will turn out not to be so rare. In fact my Father is still laid up just the same as me he's in week 5 battling Moderna and also on a long road. My final report to the CDC will be submitted after further bloodwork, but it is to be made absolutely clear that if I have now developed an auto-immune condition...the vaccine triggered it.

Good luck to everyone but honestly weigh the decision heavily before you enter the unknown.
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