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Merchandise never received, Ossian, IA, USA

2 weeks ago

Ossian, 52161 Iowa, United States

I received a scarf that I never ordered and have not received the chairs I did order.


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My wife received a package from Kerry noon and the address on the package was from 125 Jackson Ave, Edison, New Jersey to our address she did not order anything and nothing suspicious on her bank accounts it’s a pair of sunglasses with a case See Less

December 7, 2020 Health: Employees are exposed to the COVID-19 pandemic. 1. Employees are not provided or updated with the current hazardous conditions in the workplace. Employees are not notified of COVID-19 infections. Employees work with COVID-19 symptoms or positive with COVID-19. 2. Some staff-members wear cloth... See More masks and not medical masks. 3. Employees and residents with COVID-19 are not being separated from others who are presumed healthy. 4. The same PPE is used for all residents that are negative or positive of COVID-19. Employees are being forced to reuse and/or share disposable PPE gowns. Employees are denied access to their own PPE. Employees are denied new PPE when current ones are soiled. PPE is not properly stored ('bunny suits', face-masks, & face-shields) on a small rack, in an eating area. 5. Rooms are not being cleaned, sanitized, or disinfected. Many resident's rooms did not contain trash cans or bins by the exit doors to ensure proper disposal of PPE or laundry. Each resident room has gowns hanging on the outside of the door. Employee with symptoms or that tested positive for COVID-19 are still working and using these gowns. These same gowns are shared between all employees, requesting to have your own or new PPE is continually denied. 6. Aerosol disinfectant spray cans are throughout the facility and are required to use on one's entire body and surrounding area. 7. Employees being screened and deemed healthy to work shift are forced to reuse and wear PPE gowns that other worker's with covid-19 have been wearing. Facility was unable to provide information about when gowns have last been changed with new. Facility informed employees of never being able to get new PPE, including gowns, 'bunny suit', mask,' & face-shield. 8. Facility denied employees the ability to have fresh air, due to refusing to open windows, continually spraying chemicals throughout the building, and not allowing any employees out of the building during entire shifts. 9. 21 out of 28 residents in the long term care unit tested positive for COVID-19. Employees are exposed due to other staff-members working with COVID-19, the improper use of sharing PPE between staff, and reusing PPE for an extensive period of time. Location: Ossian Senior Hospice Long Term Care Unit south, east, and west halls.

Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-12-07
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Making/ allowing employees to continue to work with covid symptoms. Not following guidelines on covid testing protocol by having employees come to work while still waiting on test results. Also threatening employees that they must get a rapid covid test and pay for it themselves.

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The boil water advisory for the cities of Brayton, Exira and all Avoca Regional Water customers has been lifted. The boil water advisory was announced on Thursday, May 25 and was due to a tower that was drained from high water usage resulting in the loss of... See More water pressure. The advisory was for Avoca area treatment plant customers, and had affected all of Shelby County, a little bit of Harrison and Pottawattamie counties, about half of Audubon County and about 10 to 12 customers from Cass County, one association official said. Many of the Cass County customers affected were located near the area of Highway 71 and Interstate 80.

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I called my credit card company today they refunded my call your company they are scammers
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i got something i didn't ordered
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Check your accounts where you order example like Amazon and change your passwords..
Reply 5 days ago
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