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Taco Bell, Buttonwillow, CA 93206, USA
Alleged Hazards: Employee worked the night shift on Friday, September 4. Employee said they felt sick experiencing, fatigue, sore throat and dizziness. Employee's manager required employee to remain working because they did not have a fever. When employee arrived home from work had a fever of 101. On Saturday, 9/5/2020, an Employee was scheduled to work in the morning but did not go in due to feeling sick, a fever, sore throat, weakness and headache. Supervisor told employee to come in even though employee told the supervisor of the symptoms. Employee does not have medical insurance so a medical appointment was made. Employee was tested for COVID-19 on Sunday (9-6). Later that day, employee took documents to manager to demonstrate that employee had been tested for COVID-19.

Alleged Hazards: 1, Employees Exposed: 1
Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-09-08
— Reported By User November 25, 2020 12:00 PM