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Safety Reports: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico


1. A lot of staff in a small place, increasing the likelihood of contagion of diseases. 2. Poor cleanliness in the area. 3. A mixture of cleaning products that could cause poisoning.

Alleged Hazards: 3, Employees Exposed: 35
Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-03-30

#coronaviruscovid19 #osha #guaynabo #guaynabo #puertorico

1. Employer allows the crowding of people on site. 2. No temperature is taken to employees or customers when entering the workplace. 3. Patron does not clean the work areas. Store Plaza del Norte

Alleged Hazards: 3, Employees Exposed: 3000
Source: | Receip Date: 2021-01-25

#coronaviruscovid19 #osha #1515avenidafranklindelanoroosevelt #sanjuan #guaynabo #puertorico

1.Employer does not have a Covid-19 Exposure Control Plan when visiting communities. 2.Lack of training employees on the Covid-19 Exposure Control Plan.

Alleged Hazards: 2, Employees Exposed: 10
Source: | Receip Date: 2020-07-20

#coronaviruscovid19 #osha #calle1 #guaynabo #guaynabo #puertorico

1.Employer does not follow protocols in its Exposure Control Plan such as social distancing and in positive cases to Covid-19. 2.Employee does not perform a screening method at the entrance of employees to the building. 3.Lack of a Blood Pathogen Program. 4.Lack of training employees on the… See more

#osha #140avenidalascumbres #guaynabo #guaynabo #puertorico

It is alleged that employees (clerks and letter carriers) are exposed to the following conditions at the station: Item #1 Emergency exit door blocked with boxes and equipment Item #2 Housekeeping not performed at station (garbage/common areas) Item #3 USPS COVID19 protocol and CDC guidelines not implemented:… See more

#coronaviruscovid19 #osha #100ceciliourbinastreet #guaynabo #guaynabo #puertorico

1- Employer does not have Self Certification. 2- Employer has not guided staff on its Covid-19 Exposure Control Plan. 3- Patron does not clean or disinfect common areas such as corridors, bathrooms and food area.

Alleged Hazards: 3, Employees Exposed: 50
Source: | Receip Date: 2020-09-30

#coronaviruscovid19 #osha #puertorico165 #guaynabo #guaynabo #puertorico

1.Patron did not follow an Exposure Control Plan to COVID-19 when an employee was positive for the virus.
2. They don't have a continuous cleaning protocol.
3. They do not control the number of people in the property.

Alleged Hazards: 3, Employees Exposed: 50
Source: |… See more

#osha #walgreens #guaynabo #guaynabo #puertorico

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To my knowledge I don't have any outstanding orders from anywhere. Pkg came today in bag from USPS as it has been damaged and there are no contents. Says from Lucia at
4375 South Lee St in Buford, Ga.
I cannot find a single clue as to who this is from !
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Integrity Products is voluntarily recalling the Ram It & To The Moon capsules to the consumer level. FDA analysis found these products to be tainted with sildenafil and Tadalafil. Ram It & To The Moon were distributed to consumers nationwide via the Internet.

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