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Suspicious package delivered after ordering from Facebook., 2646 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle, WA, USA

3 weeks ago

2646 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle, 98144 Washington, United States

Looks like I’ve been scammed. After ordering a toolset off of an ad on Facebook, I received this little package in my mailbox. I had no clue what it was, but after entering the address from which it was mailed (2646 Rainier Ave. S Seattle, WA) I found out I’m not alone.
Does anyone know if FB is doing anything about this scam?

I'm in Davenport


SCAM. Check your credit card, call your Visa card/bank and report fraud. They'll investigate and reverse the charges. This is either "brushing" (look it up) or maybe you ordered one of those "Amazon pallets" which are a total SCAM.
Reply 3 weeks ago
Me too
Reply 3 weeks ago
I got a package I did't order I'm getting a hold of my bank let them know whats going on
Reply 1 week ago
Me too, I ordered the tool set on Feb 27, and yesterday I received in my mailbox the same little box named "LUCKY BOX", that came from this address:

703 Bartley Chester Rd, Flanders, NJ 07836

I ordered this offer because I saw the massive Ad at INSTAGRAM, posted many times.
They sent an Email saying the delivery was made on March 15, at 2.00 am, that is not true.
This kind of fraud should be reported at Attorney General and Consumer reports.
Reply 5 days ago

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I ordered from them feb 17 2023, see the charge on my credit card, they provided a tracking # but it is fake! Still not received order and we are now march 23,2023. Total scam! See Less

I had the same problem. Totally fake. They stole my money.
-1 Reply 16 hours ago
J’ai commander des vêtements en ligne et j’ai reçu une bague moissanite de la compagnie GRA à New york arnaque 68$
Reply 16 hours ago
I placed an order 2/17, on what I thought was Macy’s and was charged by Never received confirmation and/or any merchandise. I received the ring on 3/23.
-2 Reply 13 hours ago
I have had the same exact thing happen to me. I’ve been charged and today I get some cheap piece of class they call a ring in the mail.
Reply 10 hours ago
Just got the same ring... 3/24
Reply 9 hours ago
I also received the same ring
Reply 9 hours ago
I reviewed the same bloody ring too 😡😞
Reply 7 hours ago
Dispute charge on your card. I successfully did that so didn't lose money!
Reply 7 hours ago
Same here! I filed a report and contacted my bank.
Reply 7 hours ago
I just received the same ring today 3/24/2023. Who do I file report to? BBB?
-1 Reply 6 hours ago
You report it to the FTC
Reply 5 hours ago
A ring? I got a bag of scrubber sponges!!! How do I return and find out who/where they came from? No paperwork, just a big bag of sponges!! Sent to my name a address...from 2496 W Walnut Ave., Rialto, CA 92376
Reply 6 hours ago
I got a ring today too....its pretty....turning my finger green though.....scammers...
Reply 5 hours ago
I received a single Trolls (yes the kids movie) paper plate in the mail from this address. It was scary! Never received scam mail like this before. It was addressed to my name but sent to my parent’s home.
I am in Bentonville, AR See Less

I received a unordered item from this address... I only picked up the garbage item that was sent.. and paid for shipping because I do order online alot for my profession. How the hell can people do this? See Less

Been waiting for two weeks on a motorcycle shed I ordered and paid for See Less

Je passe mon commande deux chaussures taille 11 noir et marron toujours pas reçu depuis 17 January 2022.le commande paye par CARTE CRÉDIT.
Reply 16 hours ago
I received an item I did not order. Return address states Online Seller, 2646 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144. Underneath the UPS label it shows from China Post.

I'm in Bridgeton, MO, USA. See Less

I got what supposedly are flower seeds from 2646 Rainer Ave in Seattle. I did not order them, the bottom label is in Chinese.
I received Sunglasses that I did not order, they were from Jimmy Chou 1325 Remington Blvd Unit B Bolingbrook IL.

I'm in Sacramento See Less

There was a package delivered to my address yesterday that I didn’t order. Only return address is online seller 2646 Rainier Ave S Seattle, Washington 98144 some kind of a very small backpack with the name SUP on the front of it. It arrived with a package... See More that I did order. Looked at my order and definitely did not order. Need to return what do I do

I'm in Knoxville, TN, USA.
See Less

Today via USPS, I received a scarf from an online seller at the above address. The box was marked SUZHICHOU and under the mailing label were Asian characters. If I get charged on either of my credit cards, I will file a fraud complaint as I never ordered this item. See Less

Check to see if you ordered items online that you did not get. Usually they send a cheap scarf or other token to show the tracking number of your package was delivered even though you didn't get your ordered items.
Reply 1 day ago
scam got a scarf from the address 2646 rainler ave s settlewash from online seller? did not order dont know if it comes from when i ordered a scooter supposed to be from walmarts special sell or from amazon

I'm in NC See Less

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I received a moissanite ring I did not order. Don’t know what to do with it See Less

I did too. It's definittly not a Moissanite. Look at the band-it is one you can change the size. No Moissanite would come in that..I keep watching my credit cards. all is well so far.Zee
Reply 1 week ago
Have made a payment for €39.99 to this company after further investigation its now coming up as a scam not received anything from them can't email or contact them. See Less

I made a payment too and received nothing.
Any idea what can be done?
Reply 1 week ago
Oh my! I made also an order now i cannot track my order. I email this company but no reply. 🥵
-2 Reply 1 week ago
Also scammed for 59.90€!
Reply 1 week ago
Your bank will refund you if you call them and explain its a scam. my bank refunded me as I was scammed by this company.
Reply 1 week ago
My bank refunded immediately after completion on online complaint. I am with lloyds
Reply 5 days ago
I received a ring that I did not order

I'm in Maryland, USA. See Less

Those morons. I got the same thing and scammed ordering clothing via Blatant Fraud! ...uh's more like fictitious!!!
Reply 3 weeks ago
I got the same ring after I ordered clothes.
Reply 2 weeks ago
I received a pkg for something I didn’t order. No information regarding who sent it only a return only address…12500 Slauson Ave Unit B 1A, Santa Fe Springs, Ca 90670. Can you tell me who this?
Received a pkg with a dress in it. No tags no... See More brand no nothing. Original label under the label on pkg is from RUNNER Guangdong guangzhou fanyu, First Industrial rd, Zhicun, Dashi Street. Customer order# TB6429****

I'm in Sacramento, CA.
See Less

Did receive a package today from this company located at 5467 Dixie Rd., Mississauga. In the package there were a pair of sunglasses and a glass case. I did not order this. That said I did order two raised garden beds for 49.95 on Facebook Two weeks... See More ago. I doubled up the order so it did cost $99.90 US. Converted to Canadian it ended up being $125 that was debited on my Visa card. I kind of knew this was too good to be true , when ordering but thought I would give it a go. Definitely a scam and this is the first time I’ve ever fallen for something like this. I will never order from Facebook again. So unfortunate that people are scammed like this.

I'm in Huntsville
See Less

I did the exact same garden order and got the exact same sunglasses. Shame on me...
Reply 2 weeks ago
i did ordered the same garden stand and received sunglasses from 4567 Dixie Road. shame on me for knowing better but worse shame on the these scam companies and why isn't something legal being done about it.
Reply 1 week ago
I got two pairs of fuck**g sh**ty ankle socks. When I ordered raised garden bed frames and water can. F**k this online junk crap. Back to the physical store. Our generation is getting too lazy
Reply 1 week ago
4567 Dixie Road is Canada Post's massive facility in Mississauga. International parcels can be shipped in bulk on a single waybill and then split after importation so that this appears as the return address. You cannot return the package to this address once you've opened it.

Are you sure the tracking number matches the product you were expecting? If yes, be sure to followup with the seller and then if you don't get satisfaction, initiate a chargeback with your bank.

If the tracking number doesn't match, this may be unrelated to your purchase. It is common for random people to receive cheap junk from overseas because the sellers are trying to improve their ratings. They order a product, send something cheap, and then once delivery is confirmed, they are allowed to write a review.
Reply 1 week ago
I purchased yesterday and my dog refused to enjoy. She used to love them. I noticed there Is Not the smell of peanut butter and I always did before. I am concerned because of some articles online. See Less

I was attacked and beaten here by another guest
I still had to stay in the same hotel with the people from England. My vacation is routine
complaint See Less

We ordered what we thought was an electric go kart off an Instagram Ad. Instead we received a counterfeit pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. The Invoice has zero contact information. See Less

I bought two vanity sets,chair & stool to champagne vanity,and a dresser. All from three different sites that was on Facebook Ads. Episome and Styleo. It wasn't until after I purchased these items and had been tracking them because my 10 y o daughter was See Less

Bought a blouse. Too small. Don't know where to return it !!
Reply 3 weeks ago
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