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Saltua scam website!!!!, N Brea Blvd, Fullerton, California, United States

2 months ago

I ordered a recliner couch chair and got these black aviator sunglasses. The site was called Saltua. I went online they are no where to be found.


Me too. I have been in an eternal email exchange with them. They eventually said they would refund me, we’ll see if it comes through.
Reply 1 month ago

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I bought some coats online, I didn't take photos, I just thought it was reliable and I bought them, they supposedly arrived in 3 to 8 days I bought it on 11/13 See Less

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Scammer, Macys

9 hours ago

Black friday sale for chaise lounge. Paid for it. Charge reflects OFTAT See Less

The order was expected to be delivered within 12 to 20 days. What happened was that when it completed 20 days, it appears as delivered on the carrier's website. However, the website of the company that made the purchase does not contain the order or the items... See More I purchased anymore. I send an e-mail and no one answers me. In the e-mail from the company that charged my card they replied saying that the order had been delivered. However, I saw on the carrier's website that many people have the same problem of undelivered orders. See Less

No package arrived and at my every reminder they told me not to find my order. See Less

Recieved package that I need to return but no return information anywhere, ans no contact information.
Package has 2 labels that have Chinese writing and one label from Indianapolis In. with Rosewood P as sender. I just want to return and get a refund. See Less

I have the same issue. Want a refune. (Lansing MI)
Reply 2 weeks ago

I have not received order. I will have to report to credit card company. This is apparently fraud. I had bought before and received a package from online and thought this was the same, but on 11, 2023 no package. I will never order online again.... See More If not a walk in store, I just will do without.. See Less

I ordered 4 storage boxes from pitchal and paid $46 but never received any confirmation or the boxes. See Less

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Received a plastic bag not to order! I am waiting for packages this is a scam See Less

I received something that looked exactly like this...
1 Reply 3 weeks ago

Good morning my name is Bryan Parra, I made 3 purchases online, only one arrived that is not even the order they sent me a Ring, when I ordered Volcom Clothing, researching the company has this name FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED, the emails and the numbers don't exist, I... See More demand compensation or a refund of my money it was $185 See Less

2 head scarves I did not order! Do not want and need to know why I got them
I do not want them and have no clue why I got them.... See Less

I received the same thing, from the same address!
Reply 1 day ago
I got the same thing yesterday.
Reply 14 hours ago
Reply 12 hours ago

I’m checking to see what purchase was that shows on my bank account from 11/2/23 for $54.27????? Here is the company name from my statement. Do you have any idea what they sell??? Cause I have NO idea what this charge is for.🤷🏻‍♀️It just came out of... See More the bank on 11/2….just a few days ago so no I haven’t received anything yet but I don’t hv any idea what it’s for? I’ve ordered a few things lately but that amount wasn’t one of them. That’s why I was trying to find out what they sell….thought “maybe” I just forgot. 🤷🏻‍♀️

That’s just it. I was balancing my checkbook and had my account pulled up online and noticed the charge. I was like…..I didn’t just a day or 2 before seeing it, order anything for $54.00 and certainly never heard of the company.
See Less

Scam, Hartlepool, UK

2 weeks ago

PPP*HopeHole HK ordered 80%price electric scooter ON website 49.98, GBP £41.29 Non GBP trans fee CD 2.99%, £1.23 Non GBP PURCH FEE 0.50 pence, have not received scooter, says it was delivered on the 29oct from royal mail so they will be the next ear full! only... See More ever ordered small items but the minute I ordered two really good electric scooters they don't get dropped off from royal mail or AVRI, My next one is from PPP*Poawed HK don't usually get a problem these. but again ordered a good electric scooter and that was on there website 40.99, GBP £33.71, TRAN FEE 1.00 AND PURCH FEE 0.50 AGAIN not dropped off from either royal mail or ARVI was meant to be dropped off on the 20th October and just got an message from seller saying we looked on system and it seems to be a small item, but both items, two electric scooters are not small items seemed of disappear once they come through British these were for my health has I haven't been out the house since COVID becos of anxiety both scooters they were both with seats and lights on them LED colours since these were going to get me out I have difficulty walking now, this is heartbreaking from either companys, royal mail and AVRI, you order big items of electric or jewellery it gets stolen, discusting See Less

I placed an order throught a Facebook posting from a company I thought was JCPenney, my fault for not noticing the misspelling of JCPenney. The company was JCPneney USA&CA. I contacted them through only available source, their They replied saying package was in transport throught customs.... See More I kept checking order through their tracking # AT0857726**** order #Tusty_46****. I received delivery status this morning and showed package was delivered. I did not receive the package and I checked with neighbors and no package delivered to their address. I've Bern on the phone with DHL who received package from customs, they sent to UPS for delivery. I called them and without their tracking # they cannot help. I sent the ordering company another email; waiting for response. I believe I have been scammed and I am usually so up on scam techniques companies us and I missed this one, just by a simple misspelling. I only spent $24.87 but that amount from just a few people is good money for scammers.
Order Summary ( 4 )

Casual Crew Neck Dandelion Sweatshirt Buttoned
Gray/XL(14) × 1
$3.97 USD

Long Sleeve Split Neck Contrast Sweatshirt
Blue/XL × 1
$3.97 USD

Long Sleeve Split Neck Contrast Sweatshirt
Mint Green/XL × 1
$3.97 USD

Light Yellow Patchwork Plaid Long Sleeve Hoodie
Light Yellow/XXL × 1
$3.97 USD
Subtotal $15.88 USD
Shipping $8.99 USD
Total $24.87 USD
Any question? Feel free to contact us.

We will do our best to provide you with a great shopping experience, if you have any questions or feedback, please contact
See Less

I made an order on 2023.08.20 order no.Order xm17_****, I have not received it yet, return the money if you do not send the goods or I apply for consumer rights See Less

BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE! Anyone that buys anything on ANY Facebook Marketplace Ads for Rocking lawn Chairs from Orbitte/, etc. IT'S A SCAM. They accepted my order October 31, '23 and charged me nearly $50. When I saw it was coming from China, I was leery. Never received... See More my chairs! The tracking number was for a different order. I received 2 ribbons by USPS today. See Less

I received a scarf, which I did not order, from that same address!!
Reply 1 day ago

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