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On Feb. 9, 2024, I ordered 2 Inspire My Play Trays from what looked to be a legitimate online shop with an address in Manhattan, KS. There were red flags:
1. At top of webpage, was a Child R - Child Related logo.
2. No phone number … See More
for company on webpage.
3. confirmation email had a no reply sender as: noreplymail @feinschstores. com and a contact email of: stevenbriesing @hotmail. com
4. I had no reply to an inquiry about the order to stevenbriesing @hotmail. com
5. I received an email with a tracking number for Chinese shipping.

I was charged $97.11 by AQR littlemall Mong Kok, HK. I received a package on 3/1/2024 with a pendant necklace having a customs label value of $10. The return "address/phone" on the customs label was: HD GZL 7 Demaozhuang , Daxing District. Beijing, Beijing, Beijing 100000 China Phone: 8618800000000
I filed a dispute with Costo Citibank and sent documentation with the various names from the website, emails, tracking page and shipping label.
I was contacted by Costco Citibank asking for proof of returned item or reason for not returning. I had no way of knowing who to return this item to. I don't speak Mandarin/Chinese so have no way of verifying via phone call the identity of who I'd be talking to and whether they were part of this order.
I found out after the fact, that the Manhattan, Kansas address was a real building, but the Kansas Better Business Bureau had tagged it as being associated with a variety of scam businesses.
Costco Citibank denied my dispute on April 1, 2024, so I am responsible for paying the $97.11 for this pendant that I did not order.
I should have refused the delivery of the package, but it had been delivered to my mailbox.
In my opinion, by accepting the item, this gives credit card companies a way to hold you responsible for the charges. In their dispute forms, you are asked if you received merchandise which puts your dispute in a set customer support decision tree, which may or may not fit your exact situation. Even though they are supposed to "investigate", I have no way of knowing to what extent they investigated if at all

Manhattan Kansas and Hong Kong
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#scam #onlineshopping #onlinescam #delivery #kowloon #hongkong


Ketogenesis scam, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

1 week ago reported by user-ffhdg745

I reporting a scam. Order 5 Btles of red or multi color gummies but received some yellow gummies. I had a phone number which I called they refunded me $50 which was not one of my questions. This product did not due anything it said it was … See More
going to do. Rec

Found phone # 18443789375. The company on my billing account was food and specialty store. Wouldn’t give address. Post office will not mail to p.o. #. But company will give you a RMA# to use. Spread this info out there. Their spam scum. Ketogenesis Keto+ACV PO box81827 Las Vegas Nevada 89180-1827

Called bank and blocked this.
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#scam #onlineshopping #ketogummiesscam #onlinescam #delivery #lasvegas #nevada #us

In direct response to the Nurse Assist, LLC voluntary product recall initiated on November 6, 2023, for saline and sterile water medical products, Medline Industries, LP initiated a nationwide recall on November 15, 2023, for its Medline and Centurion branded convenience kits containing Nurse Assist 0.9% Sodium … See More
Chloride Irrigation USP and Sterile Water for Irrigation USP. The Nurse Assist recall was issued due to the potential for a lack of sterility, which could result in non-sterile products. Medline Industries, LP has received one adverse event associated with product manufactured by Nurse Assist.

Water-based medical products that are non-sterile and potentially contaminated could cause serious or life-threatening infections, including bloodstream, urinary tract, open wound/soft tissue, and respiratory infections. Patients who are elderly, critically ill, have weak immune systems (including newborn infants, pregnant women, and cancer patients), or have chronic diseases are particularly at risk of infection. However, other patients could also develop infections after exposure to contaminated water-based medical products.

The recall affects Medline and Centurion convenience kits that may be used at home by patients, caregivers, and home health providers, as well as convenience kits that may be used in medical settings for surgery or other medical procedures. Recalled kits include, but are not limited to, wound care kits, tracheostomy kits and catheter kits. A detailed list of recalled Medline and Centurion convenience kits, as well as an example of product labeling, can be found in the link below.

Consumers who have recalled product should stop using the product and contact Medline immediately.

Medline Industries, LP notified its direct distributors and consumers of the Nurse Assist recall by First Class Mail and email on 11/16/23, upon receipt of initial recall notification from Nurse Assist. Customers who received the recalled product were given instructions to quarantine all affected products immediately and provide Medline with a response regarding the affected quantity on hand. Upon confirmation of the affected quantity, Medline provided customers with over-labels to place on the affected inventory, with instructions for staff to remove the affected component before using the kit. The recall notification also instructed distributors and those who resold or transferred affected product to another company or individuals to notify their customers of this recall notification.

In case you experience harm from this product, it is important to report it. It can help to detect & resolve issues and prevent others from being harmed, and it enables better surveillance. If symptoms persist, seek medical care.

Company name: Medline Industries, LP
Brand name: Medline and Centurion
Product recalled: Convenience kits
Reason of the recall: The potential for a lack of sterility
FDA Recall date: April 08, 2024

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#recall #medicaldevices #us

I received a package in the mail I did not order from “GRA Moissanite.” The sender’s information is Jacob Cruz 3001 Jojoba Terr Palmdale, Ca 93550.
The package is a ring with “certificate of authentication” from “Global Gemological Research Association.” I did not place an order and … See More
believe my personal information may have been leaked from a counterfeit website where I placed an online order one month ago, called “Latipay Sittue NewSouthWales AU”, posing as the reputable clothing business “GymShark” (whom I thought I was ordering from.) I canceled and reported that order to my bank, but have not found any fraudulent activities on my bank statements or card.
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#unorderedpackage #gramoissaniteringscam #delivery #uspostalservice #groverbeach #california #us

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