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Get alerts and updates for your case! Your contact information is not shown on the website.

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Updated: January 3, 2023 7:26 AM
I work at mem6 there is 2 tornadoes on the ground. I live in Arkansas our road is completely flooded and tornado passed through. And the Memphis bridge traffic is at a stand still. Happening now See Less

Driver illegally parks in a NO STOPPING ANYTIME spot on the Embarcadero in San Francisco during RISH HOUR TRAFFIC blocking the turning lane wasting everyone’s time because he couldn’t legally park 100
No one should be so inconsiderate that they illegally park during horrible rush hour traffic... See More when there is LEGAL parking 100 feet away. The driver refused to move his truck saying he had to park there. WTF? Blocked the turning lane for not just a couple of minutes but for at least 30. Rude Rude Rude. It’s hard enough having to driving home on a busy Friday afternoon but one of your drivers illegally parking his Amazon Delivery truck right in front of a NO STOPPING ANYTIME sign deserves to be reprimanded. You know it’s BS and all the people he held up know it too. license # 45675K3 See Less

Can't get to our homes near that facility at times. Truckers need to leave room for cars to get through. I came up Tuckaseegee Rd. off of Wilkinson Blvd. to return home around noon today and trucks were lined up not leaving room for cars to go... See More down Tuckaseegee. I had to go around the roundabout and get back on Wilkinson and go Little Rock Rd. To get back on Tuckaseegee - way out of my way. See Less

The flow of traffic is horrible. Entering and exiting is difficult. There is not enough drop off area for the amount of incoming and outgoing traffic. Cones are no help. You literally sit 15 minutes trying to get in and out of that parking lot. This is... See More a major issue that needs to be addressed. The time people leave is also the time next shift comes in. There are merely too many accidents that can happen. See Less

Most mornings, numerous tractor trailer trucks stop in the middle of Nelson Miller in Eastpoint location waiting to get in to the distribution center. There have been traffic back ups because cars coming in off of Old Henry Rd can’t get it. The trucks are blocking the... See More road. After work a month ago, two tractor trailers ran a stop sign coming out of the distribution center and one almost hit me. I had to run up a curb. Today, I was forced up a curve again in order to get past a truck that had not pulled off the road. Numerous police reports have been done by my business. Yet the problem persists.  See Less

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Received a package Received never ordered.
Received a package of ear muffs in my husband's name never ordered however he did order a fold up bed never received. I'm in Meade Ave Hanover pa See Less

I recieved a package today. Thought it was something I had ordered, realized it was NOT something I ordered. It's an ugly metal huge, man's bracelet with a dragon head on it. WHAT THE HECK? Only annoyed because I had to pay the shipping cost that it... See More was missing. Came from 2646 Rainer Ave S, Seattle Washing 98144. Called USPS and was informed I would get a call to discuss this.

I'm in Perrysburg
See Less

I received two shirts that I did not order and will not pay for them !!! Don’t know anything about it I’m sure it’s a scam but how do i return them !!! See Less

Donate to the DI.
Reply 2 weeks ago
Package that I didn't order in lieu of real order
I had placed an order with TopTvs, hoping they were an honest company even though they weren't in the states. Unfortunately, I received a pair of earmuffs in lieu of my $48.35 order from this company. I... See More have tried contacting them directly at their support email of without any return emails or communications. See Less

On the 9/12/22 I ordered the generator through a site on Facebook , I paid $49.56. On 4/5/23 a pair of ear muffs where sent to me, I didn't know where they'd come from until today when I discovered that they were in place of my generator.

I'm in Poole See Less

I never ordered these black earmuffs and receive them from Returnep 19301 Pacific Gateway Drive, Torrance, Ca. 90502

I'm in Hemet See Less

Same in gray. Wth is going on
Reply 1 week ago
I ordered a 3 wheeler tric for my grandkids and received sunglasses with receipt of a $163.00 fraud charge
Reply 1 week ago
Do not buy anything from these people ray .ban at
Reply 1 week ago
What was the USPS permit number and did the shipping label have your name and address?
Reply 1 week ago
Ordered “ Carved Cross Intertwined Hearts” and received a piece of wood, cut our with a bandsaw and a sticker applied to show the “carving” .
The sticker actually says “Angel Wing Ornament”
Not sure if the drop-shipper is aware they send this crap out from the... See More factory or is in on it.

01/13 update:
Trying to get a response, suddenly the Return address is not in California anymore, but now China:
Mily (wolinnet)

Jan 10, 2023, 09:42 GMT+8

We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you, if you return the goods, you will need to bear the return shipping costs.
Moreover, our return address is Hong Kong, China, and the shipping distance is long. The package is easily lost or detained by the customs. We do not recommend that you return it.
You can give it as a gift to your friends or family, and they may be very happy.
We have applied to the manager to refund you 15%, do you agree?
Looking forward to your reply.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Best regards,
Customer Service Center
See Less

I received a bottle of what looks like yellow oil & It’s all in Chinese or maybe Korean. I have no idea what it is & I didn’t order this from this seller it does say in English What is this oil Time Condensing Essence? Who is this seller & what are these products? See Less

I never ordered the contents inside. It's ridiculous what I received. Ear muffs. Like what the?

I'm in Palm Bay See Less

got the exact same thing . the packaging had all my information .
Reply 1 week ago
Also got ear muffs instead of what I ordered
Reply 1 week ago
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