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Queen Creek, Arizona, United States

Updated: January 9, 2023 3:02 PM
We had trouble with Dreambone products also. These products caused our two doxie’s to throw up their food and have diarrhea. After only 2 “rawhide” snacks each they were very sick. This product is made in China. We will never purchase dog treats that are not made in USA. See Less

Both of my female Dachshunds were fed one spiral each in the late morning on a Tuesday. These came from a bag just opened at this time. Their night feeding was OK and there was NO change in their food or water. On Wednesday morning neither dog... See More wanted to eat which has never happened before. They both had normal bowl movements. The youngest dog Susie (9 months old) eventually ate a little. They both were less energetic but didn’t seem “sick”. On Thursday they both ate but ate the other one’s food which they had never done before. One has Costco puppy chow and the older has Blue buffalo small bred. So thinking they maybe OK I fed them each one spiral each at 11:00 a.m. and caged them separately. I had no reason to think it was the treats at that time. They seemed fine at 1:00 p.m. when I got home and let them out of cage, they ran and reacted in their normal way. But soon Susie was gagging and threw up some pieces of food. No blood at all mostly liquid. That evening the older dog, Josie (2 1/2) wouldn’t eat. My husband stirred in some cooked chicken into her food and she ate. Susie did eat some of her food. Not long later Josie threw up everything she ate. Susie was also gagging up a little food on a routine basis. This continued into the night. On Friday morning Josie couldn’t keep her water down. They are both lethargic and have not eaten anything. They have now kept a Small amount of water down.
The only change in their life was the addition of these dog treats. They have a fenced yard with no outside animals etc. My husband and I firmly believe these treats are the cause of their conditions. | Symptoms: Vomiting, Weakness
See Less

Thousands of utility customers are without power after storms moved through the Valley Saturday morning and into the evening. Between APS and SRP, as of 6:30 p.m. Saturday, there were about 13,175 customers without power. According to the SRP outage map, about 10,052 customers are without power.... See More SRP outages are concentrated in the East Valley in areas like Queen Creek and Chandler Heights. According to the APS outage map, about 3,123 customers are still without power.

Outage link:
Published: 2022-10-15
See Less

1. The employer has not implemented CDC guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. 2. Employees are not required to wear face coverings as per CDC guidelines.

Alleged Hazards: 2, Employees Exposed: 5
Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-08-11 See Less

The employer does not have a COVID-19 Response Plan to prevent the spread in the workplace. Employees are not wearing masks in the workplace to prevent the spread of the virus. The employer does not enforce employees to wear a mask.

Alleged Hazards: 3, Employees Exposed: 20... See More
Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-12-01
See Less

Sales rep around 11:30am Saturday January 30, 2021 was visibly sick and coughing. I’m worried we were exposed. Not sure what he’s sick with but not appropriate that he is at work sick and exposing everyone going though model homes. Sales Rep needs tested for COVID and... See More if positive everyone that had an appointment on this Saturday needs contacted for contact tracing. See Less

Four customers inside not wearing a mask.
One male customer and one dad and his children.
No one mentioned that he needed to wear one - even though all signs say so. See Less

1. The employer provided employees with hand sanitizer without a Globally Harmonized labels according to 29 CFR 1910.1200.

Alleged Hazards: 1, Employees Exposed: 1500
Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-08-12 See Less

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I got a package in the mail that I didn't order, but it had my name and my address. My card was also charged, but I never gave information out. My card was charged $60 and I luckily got my money back from the bank two weeks... See More ago, but today I received a package that I did not order. It had my full name and address on there. See Less

I received a pair of sunglasses that I didn't order. How did they get my home address? This is scary. What is happening here?
I also ordered an adult dog bed it was buy one get one free it states it is from HSN, however, it is... See More I have the receipt from my credit card on my phone. It was in June. I never received the items and I want my money back.

Update 09/20: There's a site that claims it's HSN and is selling human dog beds. I ordered and still haven't received them upon further investigation this place is in China using HSN logo. I also was sent some cheap sunglasses I didn't order them and I don't like that this stranger sent me a package to MY house. It's scary
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It was a scam 😫
Reply 2 weeks ago
I just got an odd little leather snowflake fom the same name and return address. In my address- there was an extra line under my name and before my street address. It says "NULL NULL" just to add to the weirdness of this little envelope package.
Reply 2 weeks ago
Same thing happened to me
Reply 2 weeks ago
Aint no refunds in scams.
Reply 6 days ago
I had ordered 2 storage cabinets from Wishraise at a very good price and what I received was the TWS True wireless stereo i12 earphone. I received an email stating my order delivered in mailbox You can't put storage cabinets in mailbox. Order came from 5572 Silver... See More Hill Rd Bryan, TX USA. I believe Wishraise is a scam company. They also charged me $59.98. See Less

Received a package I did not order from walnut California. It is a Moissante fake diamond ring. See Less

I've received 3 rings. I did find out that the website Breedbarley. Com. Is a scam website I ordered an electric bike and got the rings instead.
Reply 2 weeks ago
Received a NU-GLOW multi active face cream, face serum, and anti-aging cream from marble 678 192 – 14 Northern Blvd., Flushing, NY 11358. Did not order! See Less

I did not order this ring. It came with w small envelope that says ‘global gemological research academy” GRA Moissanite Report. GRA
Moissanite Report See Less

I just received the same, from same address, I did not order! What's going on??
-2 Reply 3 weeks ago
It's a white soft bubble bag,9.5"/ 10.5". It contains a 1oz. jar of subgenix bio rib bose. I didn't order it, don't know what it's for and would like to return it.
The mail address is, Fulfillment Center Total Logistics 14140 McCormick Dr., Tampa FL. 33626.
It... See More came via USPS ground. Please inform me as how get this done. See Less

Received package from Family Medical LLC and it's 3 USB cables. I did not order. I will be throwing them away See Less

I received a box with a red ring box inside of it. I ordered from “Bed, Bath and Beyond” on Facebook. Never received that order See Less

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