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Unordered Package, 14915 177th St suite 202, Jamaica, NY 11434, USA

1 month ago

149-15 177th Street, 11434 New York, United States

Received a ring with a GRA certificate
Received a fake diamond ring which I did not order in the mail. It came from a shipping warehouse JANE,
14915 177th St. Suite 202, Jamaica, NY 11434. Apparently the label was placed on top of another label but I could not take them apart. The ring comes with a GRA certificate but it is not from Global Gemological Asdociation, it says Researchacademy at the end.

I'm in Ft Lauderdale, FL, USA


The exact same item was sent to me! I did not order this ring! Went crazy going through statements to see if someone had card number and looked for charges. The label under mine has Chinese writing on it. What is the creepy purpose to all this and who can we report this to???
-5 Reply 1 month ago
I also got the same ring package the same way I mailed it back I did not scan the UPC code code. I was afraid that whoever it was was going to charge me $188 how stupid those dolls are so cute I thought that’s what I was getting we got scammed and out of our money.
Reply 2 weeks ago
same thing happened to us!
2 Reply 3 weeks ago
Just received it in my mail yesterday as well. So random, odd and a bit creepy.
1 Reply 3 weeks ago
Same thing happened to me, this is the second time though! I do not think I have been charged for it.
1 Reply 3 weeks ago
received one today...
Reply 3 weeks ago
Received the same ring and information-what’s this all about—I never ordered this
-1 Reply 3 weeks ago
I received the same thing yesterday???
-1 Reply 3 weeks ago
Same thing for me in Tn crazy crazy
Reply 3 weeks ago
I received this yesterday also. Are they advertising for us to buy from them? It says your purchase.
Reply 3 weeks ago
I also received such a ring from the same sender. The underlying shipping label has a tracking number (XSEC...) that looked familiar. I checked, and it matches the tracking number I was given when I recently placed an online order for two dolls. I already suspected that seller was a possible scammer, as their so-called order confirmation was generic (no product, amount, order number or personal information was included), and the subsequent shipment-tracking email gave a link to install an unfamiliar tracking app (which I didn't follow). Other shipment tracking sites I tried didn't recognize the number.

The suspicious doll seller's site was, though that (presently) redirects to The former domain was registered just last December, and the latter only two weeks ago (2023-02-15)! The merchant is identified on my credit card statement as "RH * Internet GB".

I don't understand the nature of this scam, but clearly something nefarious is going on. I've not received the dolls, and am supposing I never will.
Reply 3 weeks ago
I just got the same. In New Bedford, MA. Any idea how we stop this?
Reply 3 weeks ago
I also received the same pkg I ordered dolls they took my money now what mine was from Virginia I sent it back. With a note I did not order this ring. It had a tag on it for $188. I did not scan the UPC code either. How should I report this and when can I get my money back?
-1 Reply 2 weeks ago
My wife just received a ring too from Tevin james. What could these guys be up to?
1 Reply 2 weeks ago
got one today... i ordered clothes from an Instagram link that i never got.. perhaps this is related to that? I'm guessing just another Made in China scam - when will I ever learn NOT to shop off Insta!!!!!
Reply 2 weeks ago
I got the same ring today. Anyone have any idea to whom this should be reported? I think I'm going to the post office tomorrow and see if they have any ideas.
-1 Reply 1 week ago
I received the same package today.
Reply 6 days ago
This is the second piece of jewelry that I have received, the first was a cultured pearl bracelet
Reply 6 days ago
Hi there,

Your shipment has been shipped. Here is related information:

Tracking number DYJCN00202837****
Carrier Other
Shipment status In Transit
Easy to track shipments details. Get Tracker today!
Get Tracker

I've been getting emails from Tracker like this one. I was assuming it was for the clothes I ordered about a month ago from a Store named Macy. The tracking number shown here is the same number on the label under the label the package has. In other words, the original label is covered.
-1 Reply 4 days ago
I also received this ring and I also had ordered clothes from what appeared to be Macy's, which should never have taken this long to receive the clothes. I ordered Feb 19th and on my credit card states Fadel Beatty Ltd from Dublin, IL and does not have a phone number. The amount was for $36.39. I should know better than to buy from the internet. Without any other information I don't know if reporting to the Better Business Bureau would help.
Reply 3 days ago
I have the same problem. On February 21 I ordered some clothes from, appeared to be Macy's for $36.31. I did not receive my order, but received the ring. Now wondering how to stop it and what to do. MM from Boston, MA
Reply 3 days ago

Related Reports

I ordered from them feb 17 2023, see the charge on my credit card, they provided a tracking # but it is fake! Still not received order and we are now march 23,2023. Total scam! See Less

I had the same problem. Totally fake. They stole my money.
-1 Reply 18 hours ago
J’ai commander des vêtements en ligne et j’ai reçu une bague moissanite de la compagnie GRA à New york arnaque 68$
Reply 17 hours ago
I placed an order 2/17, on what I thought was Macy’s and was charged by Never received confirmation and/or any merchandise. I received the ring on 3/23.
-2 Reply 14 hours ago
I have had the same exact thing happen to me. I’ve been charged and today I get some cheap piece of class they call a ring in the mail.
Reply 12 hours ago
Just got the same ring... 3/24
Reply 11 hours ago
I also received the same ring
Reply 10 hours ago
I reviewed the same bloody ring too 😡😞
Reply 9 hours ago
Dispute charge on your card. I successfully did that so didn't lose money!
Reply 9 hours ago
Same here! I filed a report and contacted my bank.
Reply 8 hours ago
I just received the same ring today 3/24/2023. Who do I file report to? BBB?
-1 Reply 8 hours ago
You report it to the FTC
Reply 7 hours ago
A ring? I got a bag of scrubber sponges!!! How do I return and find out who/where they came from? No paperwork, just a big bag of sponges!! Sent to my name a address...from 2496 W Walnut Ave., Rialto, CA 92376
Reply 7 hours ago
I got a ring today too....its pretty....turning my finger green though.....scammers...
Reply 6 hours ago
I received a single Trolls (yes the kids movie) paper plate in the mail from this address. It was scary! Never received scam mail like this before. It was addressed to my name but sent to my parent’s home.
I am in Bentonville, AR See Less

I received a unordered item from this address... I only picked up the garbage item that was sent.. and paid for shipping because I do order online alot for my profession. How the hell can people do this? See Less

Been waiting for two weeks on a motorcycle shed I ordered and paid for See Less

Je passe mon commande deux chaussures taille 11 noir et marron toujours pas reçu depuis 17 January 2022.le commande paye par CARTE CRÉDIT.
Reply 17 hours ago

Recent Interesting Reports

Received pair of socks that I did not order. However I did order products from a business advertised on Facebook. The company name is Outlets Deals selling discontinued Willow products. After making purchase the confirmation email indicated an address from China. This was done on Feb 22nd... See More and haven’t received items ordered. Can’t help but think these two incidents are related. Facebook should do a better job of vetting companies selling items listed on their website. See Less

Received a ring i never ordered from Tevin James shoptify

I'm in Orlando See Less

SCAM. Check your credit card bills, call your credit card/bank, they will put a hold on charges while they investigate, then return your money. The scam is either "brushing" (look it up), or maybe you ordered one of those "Amazon pallets" (total SCAM.) Senders are from China to spoofed addresses (such as Amazon, in Kent Wash.)
Reply 1 week ago
FACEBOOK is letting SCAMMERS sell items on the site for months now. I’m working with my bank and was told I have to wait 14 days to see if I receive the product. I know I won’t because there is no way to contact them to get... See More a refund. NO LEGIT EMAIL OR PHONE number, FACEBOOK NEEDS A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM FOR LETTING SCAMMERS POST ON THEIR SITE. THEY ARE STILL DOING IT. I believe I am receiving a scarf for the real product I was suppose to be receiving. I live in California See Less

I received a ring today from Tevin James in Hacienda heights , CA . I did not order a ring however there was a charge on my debit card for 44 dollars . I don’t think it is fair to have to pay shipping to send this back . This makes me so angry . See Less

I received earmuffs and I didn’t order them.

I'm in Santa Rosa See Less

I just received this same package and ring. I have no idea who this company is or ever heard of them and nobody in my family ordered this. Not sure what to do with it. I have checked my bank account and credit card transactions and nothing is showing on there where anything was placed with this company or where they had took money out of our account. Any advice would be very helpful. I'm in virginia
Reply 3 weeks ago
did you do an online order and not get your product? it’s switch bait. i ordered records and got a watch. tracking # matched my confirmation email. was charged for the records. disputed with credit card
Reply 3 weeks ago
Exactly the same thing happened to me. A plastic watch instead of records. Reported to my bank and the charge is being reversed and new credit card number issued. Via Facebook. Never again.
Reply 3 weeks ago
FYI I ordered products off FB and did not receive them. I called my credit card company and was told almost everything advertised on FB is fraudulent. The CC rep told me these scamers will send you some token piece of junk that you didn't order and consider the order complete.
Reply 2 weeks ago
Second, time this week I've gotten a package that I have an ordered today's was keto pills! How do they have my address there is no packing slip! I refuse to pay for something I did not order...

I'm in San Leandro, CA See Less

I got the same thing in the mail today, didn’t order anything
Reply 1 week ago
I did too. Never ordered.
Reply 1 week ago
I received a package, I didn’t order the item. I am wanting to know who ordered it and who paid for this item and the way it was paid credit card? Anything in relation to who ordered and their details and credit card details. I have a... See More reference number. LV67174****CN. The item was a set of earmuff with a weight of 0.080. I received it from a person named Yuelin Ziyu Dongjun from middle section of Shunshi Road, shanxian, Heze, Shandong 274399, China. Phone number 8618681483503. Could you please provide all details of who ordered this item and who paid for it and how it was paid, for example credit card, debit card etc. See Less

I also got these earmuffs from this person! Did you try and order one of those craft organizer cupboards, that seemed like way too good of a deal and never showed up? Thinking it might be that.
Reply 3 weeks ago
I received this ring in mail today. I did not order it, and I have no idea why it was sent to me, but after googling.TEVIN JAMES Lots of people have received the same ring. There’s no receipt in it there’s nothing it just came today. I... See More know it is a scam. I guess I will find out later how he charged it to me what do I do with this fake thing? See Less

I just received it and I don't know what to do?
Reply 2 weeks ago
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