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False advertising on knock-off item from China; seller refuses a return & credit!, 12500 Slauson Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA

6 days ago

12500 Slauson Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, 90670 California, United States

I ordered what was advertised as a pair of Clark's women's leather sandals from Sunsasale, advertised on Facebook. But my payment went to Kekayaan Commerce (whatever that is). Sunsasale got both my shipping & billing address from where I used to live, not where I live now. I put the correct information on the order, so HOW did they get my former address? When the shoes arrived, they were NOT Clarks; nor were they leather. Cheap material; not non-skid soles. I tried to return them to the Santa Fe, CA address on the label. But got a long email from Guandong (Canton) China today saying they would not allow a return but offering me 20% of the $43.44 charge on my PayPal!!!!! Is there no recourse here? The photo of the shoes is from Sunsasale's website. These are the shoes I THOUGHT I WAS BUYING. They plagiarized photos of Clark's shoes! What I received was nothing CLOSE to this photo!

I'm in Florida


Report this fraud to PayPal! They have a strong service – they will fight for your cause so that you get your money back. Absolutely do not agree to a partial refund! You have the right to get 100% of your money back and Pay Pal is very helpful in this.
1 Reply 5 days ago

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I did not order a ring, from Tevin James ~8955 Duarte Road, San Gabriel, CA, USA ,but I did order some shirts from an online store but I received this RGA ring instead of the shirts! ~BIG SCAM !!

I'm in Bellmore, NY, USA. See Less

I received a 2 ounce tub of pure glo moisturizer/anti aging cream a.05 pump of hydration eye cream and a .05 pump of vitamin e cream I did not order and now I’m on my third shipment of this no packing slip to return or require what’s happening
Reply 8 hours ago
I did order from a Honda eu 2200 I generator from Facebook Marketplace and what I did received were sunglasses which I didn’t order. See Less

I received a Moissanite ring from JANE in J amaica NY with a certificate from GRA which I did not order. I am assuming this is connected to an order I placed with Macy's store and never received the merchandise I ordered. No statement or invoice was... See More sent from JANE and I have no knowledge of this company. See Less

Yep this is the same thing happened to me!
Reply 5 hours ago
Scam of Jimmy Chou and fake RayBan sunglasses
I ordered 2 planters from an add on facebook appearing it was through home depot from craftsman-buy. I was sent a knock-off pair of RayBan sunglasses instead and after communicating with them through their email address of over... See More several days and from internet research realized this was a total scam. Do your research before ordering online and verify it has nothing to do with Jimmy chou. See Less

I ordered the planters also and received a pair of sunglasses. I emailed them and all they would do is refund 20% of my order and keep the sunglasses.
Reply 8 hours ago
I ordered the planter box $49.98 with a buy one get one offer...too good to be true. it was a birthday gift for my son. He received EARMUFFS! cant reach anyone. I am furious! See Less

I ordered the planters also and received a pair of sunglasses. I emailed them and all they would do is refund 20% of my order and keep the sunglasses.
Reply 8 hours ago
I ordered the planters also, and received two tiny packages of seeds and instructions on how to plant them from that address. (I don’t even think they are really the seeds they say they are.) This is crazy!
Reply 5 hours ago
I received a pair of those blue glasses used for looking at computer screens. I did not order anything. I was not expecting any order at all from anyone. It came from 12500 Slauson Ave, Unit B1A Santa Fe, CA. Same address as many others stated.

I'm in Missouri See Less

I received a pair of glasses that says spy's plus on inside it says block and I did not order these and only has a return label.

I'm in Florida See Less

I received sunglasses today. Same address. I am in Minnesota
Reply 6 days ago
We received the same cheap pair of sunglasses. The way it worked in our case was that my wife had ordered some chair linens from Amazon. The seller obviously sent a cheap "substitute" in place of the more expensive item. However, Amazon gets the notification that the original item was received by us and the order was fulfilled. After contacting Amazon, they refunded the money and traced it to a seller that had all "zero" reviews over the last 12-months for substituting merchandise. How is it Amazon cannot screen these sellers on their own? Good luck everyone!
Reply 1 day ago
Return items that i mailed and need return
I mailed items i order to this address 12500Slausten Ave and didnt suppose to need mail back to me

I'm in Columbus, MS, USA . See Less

In Woodland, hundreds of people remain in the dark after heavy rain, hail and wind gusts ripped through the town. Crews worked along East Street trying to restore power after trees were downed along with at least half a dozen power poles. The Yolo County Sheriff's Office... See More said no injuries were reported despite all the damage in Woodland.

Outage link:
Published: 2023-03-22
See Less

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Unordered package from Tevin James 10859 OxnardSt North Hollywood, CA 21808
Received unordered unwanted package containing 2 eyeglass cleaning pads See Less

I got the same thing today but it was suppose to be to get 2 black futons
Reply 3 weeks ago
I got a gold hearts chain,worth 125.00
Reply 3 weeks ago
I received a pair of fake shoes that I did not order. Came from online seller 746 S Glasgow Av Inglewood CA 90301
How do people have my address and just send stuff I didnt order?

I'm in Pennsylvania See Less
10.6K is most definitely a scam/fraudulent company. Any order, any amount, you get sent a terrible ring with some bogus certificate and you have no way of getting hold of them. No telephone number and the email address listed doesn't work. I guess the old saying 'if... See More it looks too good to be true, it probably is'. First red flag is that you don't get an order confirmation and/or order update. #lanon #FADEL-BEATTY LIMITED #scam #fraud #onlineshopping #shameonyou See Less

Received random package today 3/17/23. Where did this come from and why? I did not order either like all the listed reports. I am not sure where it came from to verify if I ordered something else and they are taking my money without supplying correct product! Angry as hell! See Less

We ordered what we thought was an electric go kart off an Instagram Ad. Instead we received a counterfeit pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. The Invoice has zero contact information. See Less

I received a package from them in the mail today that I didn't order. I haven't opened it and would like to return it and not be billed for it. I took it to the post office today, the next day. I wrote on it that I... See More didn't order it and return to sender. Since I hadn't opened it they wrote REFUSED and took it. No cost. Now I wait to see what they do. See Less

I received the same thing from the same company! I did NOT order these!
Reply 1 month ago
Me too
Reply 3 weeks ago
Me too
Reply 2 weeks ago
I ordered clothes from an online store at the beginning of the month (the famous “Movakau” askip clearance store). How did I end up on this site? Well it was via limited sale announcements that caught my attention so I took the opportunity to order a lot... See More of sweater dresses and down jackets. They charged me for all that. I waited a long time for delivery. To my surprise today at 10 am the post office left a MOissanite GRA ring in my letterbox that I never ordered. I have just realised that I have been ripped off. So see yourself from where it started and where it ended. See Less

You're not the only one, it happened to me too.
The question I am asking myself is what is the point
Why this ring?
-1 Reply 3 weeks ago
I am probably thinking that they are trying to sell these rings in any way or even illegally to make a profit. It's fake moissanites too. Nobody will want to order them
Reply 3 weeks ago
For me, the 17track site says package has been delivered and I have not received anything unfortunately I was not at home but no notice of arrival from the mailbox or email I am disgusted who delivers the packages no information about the carrier
Reply 2 weeks ago
Got a package in today that contained two bottles of Keto pills that we DID NOT ORDER.  I will NOT be paying for these items and suggest that the company STOP with this foolishness!

I'm in Louisiana See Less

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