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Denver, CO, USA
Symptoms: Headache, Skin Rash, Soreness
Recieved my first shot of Phizer yesterday. Hardly felt the needle insertion. I have had anaphalaxis to Tree nuts and other drug allergies, so I was scared. I did fine though. I took my anxiety medication before for panic, and did not have any bad reactions. I had a minor headache a hour later, and painful sore arm. Arm is still sore today. I took tylenol and antihistamine after 4 hours of getting my shot. I take antihistamines for environmental allergies. Slept normal, and stayed hydrated. I had an itchy rash on my neck this morning, but it was hard to discern if it was from the vaccine or from my environmental allergies- out in the country. Still feel fine, have had my normal energy and arm is minorly sore. No other symptoms. Boyfriend also got his shot of Phizer and had sore arm as a symptom.
— Reported By User April 21, 2021 6:16 PM