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Updated: August 24, 2023 6:54 PM
I followed an advert for wide trouser website and went through the process and they deducted the amount of 25 dollars but no items were received. See Less

Same here, I received a notice that the package was successfully delivered (on a Sunday lol) but nothing. The delivery address is a business and we were open so it was impossible that it could have been left at the door and stolen.
Reply 2 weeks ago
Good day. Clarification of an unrecognized charge of $713.31mxm by you on July 22, 2023 with card termination number 8*** See Less

Undue collection. Today I bought an 18.50 soft drink and they charged me 19.00 with a credit card. For 50 cents, but when it's more shameless. I didn't authorize them to charge me more. It was in the golden zone of Lomas de Mazatlan approximately 09:00 hours. See Less

I did a Facebook trial for $6.95 for 7day trial = 30 day supply. It offered their face serum at $6.95 and $2.00 off if you pay with Mastercard.
All 7 day trials I've tried you must cancel by the 7th day of trying product.
Nope, 7days... See More later and I hadn't yet received the product, yet had 2 pending charges of $119.95 each.
Called and they said it was 7 dys since order. Wouldn't refund me even the second charge they said must be I ordered 2x-I most certainly did not.
After much complaint, I am told they can refund me $41.
Website is in Spanish.
Very upset. They do not clearly put in written this auto ship and 7day from order info. How is it a trial if you cannot even return it and are forced with charges for full product before getting trial
See Less

This company did the same exact thing to me. My credit card company is saying they will do an investigation but not sure if I'm going to get a refund. I had to close my card.
Reply 1 month ago
This is a total scam. Do not fall for their $6.95 just pay for the postage deal. I don't recall anything about notifying them within 6 days if you like the product or not. When I opened the package I thought it was weird that there was no invoice or advertising or anything in the package. I honestly didn't even want to try the products and I didn't. It was about probably 8 or 9 days later I was checking my credit card account and noticed 2 charges for $119.95. Moisturizer and eye pump. When I called they informed me of the 6 day reporting thing and I told them I never saw anything of the sort. Long story, but they still charged me and I told them to not send anymore product to me. Very RUDE !!
I have never dealt with such horrible people, ever !!! BEWARE !!!!!!
I had never heard of this company before and I thought it was like a try their product sample for the postage only thing. Suprise, I was totally wrong.
I would never pay $119.95 for any kind of face cream or eye cream plus have a monthly recurring bill ??? NOT !!!
Reply 1 month ago
This site is selling cars golf carts and when you pull up the website it's address you took where they sell dresses See Less

These people debited my account for 2 of their electric cars. I have not received anything from them.
Reply 4 weeks ago
I received a package that I didn't order, with a supposed diamond and certificate... the recipient is KELLY AP with no address in Tepotzotlán Mexico... I'm worried, I only made a purchase of makeup from China that hasn't arrived to me... Does anyone know about this? See Less

Ramon Rafael Hernandez owner of Empire Royal Capital Formerly know as Royal One Capital now operating as Empire Royal Capital is running an international scam and has stolen over $100,000 from investors
Here is the presentation

1.Empire Royal Capital

2. Main business Real estate since... See More 1978 we build luxury towers of condominiums and homes we own the full projects & another business activities rent private jet-chargers / private Yachts EV for electric cars- Metaverse franchise.

3. 25%-50% every 6 to 7 months

4. E.R.C since 2014 members 216

5. $1,000 up to $100,000USD

6. Membership /private company we only offer this to 250/300 more members after that it all membership will be closed 10% Commissions on packages size starting from 1000 to 100,000

7. 12 months/and a legal contract can be sign

8. Full information in

9. Bank Transfer & Bitcoin

10. Initial capital can withdraw anytime
See Less

I never received merchandise that I ordered on February 27, 2023. Now I’m reading that it’s a scam. We really should do homework before giving scammers out credit information. There are just so many evil people out to scam us! You just can’t trust the internet like... See More that. From now on before giving people your credit information over the Internet, Google! Google! Google! Can’t be too careful! They taught me a lesson!!!!

I am reporting a scam. I ordered clothes from corollose in February 27/2023 and have not heard a word from them. However, I did receive a fake ring fro another company that I knew nothing about. I didn’t order the ring.
See Less

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