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Liguria, Italy

Updated: April 10, 2023 11:10 AM
Order no. 23022718333****, completed and paid by credit card on 3-3-23, staircase with handrail, for $39.99 plus shipping costs $9.99 for a total of USD 49.98. Nothing ever received!

three purchases, on Facebook posts. Regularly paid by credit card for over a month, no delivery received! See Less

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The sender was Alberto Hernandez of 8615 Pecan Ave Rancho Cucamonga CA, 91739. It was a small strawberry something you would put on a keychain. I did not order this and I do not know this person. The address comes back to The KVAC Company. there were no charges on my bank account See Less

I ordered 2 mens dress shirts size L an they sent 2 XS. it comes with a card that says email support and its not a real email. See Less

I received a ring from GRA, that I did not order. The address it came from 21460 Yellow Brick Road, Walnut, CA 91789. I do not want to be charged for something I did not order.

Location: shipped from Walnut, CA 91789 See Less

That same one came to me without asking what can be done
-1 Reply 2 weeks ago
I received a knee brace instead of what I ordered he should be stopped I ordered a carousel. That I thought was from QUV he needs to go jail See Less

Same problem, I got the exact same knee brace and we don't know why it came. Glad to see this not only me.
Reply 1 week ago
I received a package in my name and I open it and it was
Silver diamond ring with a receipt saying it was $128.00. it came from a company called S diamond in Hong Kong. The address is 293 Kings Rd. See Less

I ordered shoes they are not what they said would be. Charged me double the price. This site is a scam. See Less

On May 22, 2023, Universal Meditech Inc. initiated a nationwide recall of products it manufactured between March 2021 and November 2022. The recall is due to the reasons that: The company is going out of business, hence would not be able to continue fulfilling any post-market responsibilities... See More of these distributed products. 4 of the products (PrestiBio Breastmilk Alcohol Test Strip, PrestiBio™ Ketone Test Strips, HealthyWiser KetoFast™ Ketone Test Strips and DiagnosUS® SARS-CoV-2 Antibody (IgG/IgM) Test) have been violatively distributed without appropriate premarket clearance or approval which potentially could result in inaccurate test results due to lack of performance evaluation by the FDA. These products have been distributed to distributors in California, New York, New Jersey, and Florida, and they may have been further sold to end consumers national-wide across the United States. To date, there has not been any reported injury due to the use of any of the products.

Recalled products were manufactured and distributed from March 2021 to November 2022. The following styles/models/UDI have been recalled:

No. Product Name UDI Number Lot Number to be Recalled
1 One Step® Pregnancy Test B512100011 3-H25052-20UMI 3-H07102-20UMI
2 One Step® Ovulation Test* B512200011 3-L12121-20UMI 3-L07102-20UMI
3 HealthyWiser UriTest™ 10 Parameter Reagent Test Strips for Urinalysis None** URS-1-2104-01 URS-1-2102-02 URS-1-2105-01 URS-1-2106-02 URS-1-2110-02
4 HealthyWiser UriTest™ UTI Test Strips None** URS-1-2102-03 URS-1-2106-01 URS-1-2202-01-Q URS-1-2204-01 URS-1-2207-01 URS-1-2209-01
5 HealthyWiser KetoFast™ Ketone Test Strips None** URS-1-2104-02
6 HealthyWiser pH-Aware™ pH Test Strips None** URS-1-2105-01-Q URS-1-2105-02-Q URS-1-2108-01-Q URS-1-2109-01-Q URS-1-2111-01-Q
7 hCG Pregnancy Cassette None** hCG-M5-2101-01 hCG-M5-2104-01 hCG-M5-2106-01 hCG-M5-2107-01 hCG-M5-2108-01 hCG-M5-2110-01 hCG-M5-2202-01 hCG-M5-2202-02hCG-M5- 2202-03 hCG-M5-2203-01 hCG-M5-2204-01 hCG-M5-2204-02 hCG-M5-2204-03 hCG-M5-2206-01 hCG-M5-2206-02 hCG-M5-2207-01 hCG-M5-2210-02
8 Am I Pregnant Pregnancy Midstream Test None** hCG-MHM-2205-01 hCG-MHM-2207-01 hCG-MHM-2207-02 hCG-MHM-2207-03 hCG-MHM-2207-04 hCG-MHM-2208-01 hCG-MHM- 209-01 hCG-MHM-2209-02 hCG-MHM-2209-03 HCG-MHM-2210-01 HCG-MHM-2210-02
9 hCG Pregnancy Strips None** hCG-S-2210-03
10 PrestiBio™ Breastmilk Alcohol Test Strip None**
11 PrestiBio™ Ovulation Strips*** None** Any Lot Number
12 PrestiBio™ Ovulation and Pregnancy Strips None** Any Lot Number
13 PrestiBio™ Pregnancy Strips**** None** Any Lot Number
14 PrestiBio™ Rapid Detection Pregnancy Test Midstream None** Any Lot Number
15 PrestiBio™ Ketone Test Strips None** Any Lot Number
16 PrestiBio™ Urinalysis Test Strip None** Any Lot Number
17 DiagnosUS® One Step LH Ovulation Test (Strip) None** LH-S-2204-01-S LH-S-2111-01-S
18 DiagnosUS® SARS-CoV-2 Antibody (IgG/IgM) Test None** COV-UL-2208-01
19 DiagnosUS® One Step FSH Menopausal Test (Strip None** FSH-S-2106-01 FSH-S-2108-01 FSH -S-2111-01-S
20 Lem Fertility hCG Pregnancy Urine Test None** hCG -S-2112-02
21 Lem Fertility LH Ovulation Test (Strip) None** LH-S-2112-01
22 DiagnosUS® hCG Pregnancy Urine Test Strip Format None** hCG-S-2101-01 hCG-S-2111-01-S hCG-S-2112-01
23 DiagnosUS® hCG Pregnancy Urine Test Cassette Format None** hCG-M5-2103-01 hCG-M5-2106-02 hCG- M5-2109-01 hCG- M5-2203-01
24 DiagnosUS® hCG Pregnancy Serum/Urine Test Cassette Format None** hCG-M5-2106-03
25 DiagnosUS® Pregnancy Test Midstream 710928980000 hCG-M11-2103-01 hCG-M11-2105-01
26 DiagnosUS® Ovulation Predictor Midstream 697691538914 LH-M11-2101-01 LH-M11-2105-01 LH-M11-2106-01 LH-M11-2107-01

Consumers who still have unused tests manufactured by Universal Meditech Inc. should stop using the device immediately and discard any remaining stock in the trash, or ship back to Universal Meditech at our expense.

In case you experience harm from these products, it is important to report it. It can help to detect & resolve issues and prevent others from being harmed, and it enables better surveillance. If symptoms persist, seek medical care.

Company name: Universal Meditech Inc.
Brand name: Healthy Wiser and more
Product recalled: Test kits
Reason of the recall: Product Safety/Defect
FDA Recall date: September 22, 2023

See Less

Ordered $80 worth of puzzles. Received a shopping bag to roll up. Have order and tracking info. See Less

If they are White Mountain puzzles, I made the same mistake and ordered them. I immediately got suspicious and called White Mountain and they said it was a scam. I received a scarf yesterday from a different address in Vernon CA that I never ordered.
Reply 2 weeks ago
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