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Safety Reports: Normandy, France


Recent Reports


There is a man catfishing my grandmother, Rouen, France

10 months ago reported by user-hqvkc236 details

I think there is a man claiming to be from Rouen France with the name of Marc Cle** trying to scam my grandmother by pretending to be in love with her. Basically we as a family think this man is catfishing her by claiming to be in love with her and pretending to be someone he is not.

#scam #rouen #normandy #fr


It is a fraud - Ongitecoude, Rouen, Normandy, France

1 year ago reported by user-fbjvy869 details

I bought 2 dresses on Ongitecoude that don't suit me and whose quality is poor. On the same day I received the dresses, I asked for a return to the address but for almost 2 weeks... no response from them. Au

No response to emails sent… See more

#scam #onlineshopping #onlinescam #delivery #rouen #normandy #fr


Scamming, Dozulé, France

1 year ago reported by user-htkgf946 details

Online sales with movakau
Exactly what happened in Bordeaux for this person:
I ordered clothes and pots and pans but never received them. My account was instantly debited for the purchase amount and I received informational emails as if the transaction was reliable. For a month, I… See more

#scam #onlineshopping #onlinescam #delivery #dozule #normandy #fr

Recent Interesting Reports


Disordered package, Sankt Marien, Österreich

1 week ago reported by user-gbgyb372 details

Received 3 of these purple bottles with an incomprehensible Chinese print yesterday. We never ordered that.
Under the package adhesive, there was a 2nd one, but it is no longer legible.
sender. Yun Express Austria GmbH immediately with the message “Item can not be returned”
The shipment… See more

#unorderedpackage #delivery


Scam Alert, Hawley, PA, USA

3 weeks ago reported by user-ygxky967 details

A company by the name of KETO Genesis plus ACV, which is supposed to be a dietary supplement containing apple cider vinegar And other weight loss Ingredients. It was guaranteed to work within 30 days and it did not. There is nothing else in it, except sugar… See more

#scam #onlineshopping #ketogummiesscam #onlinescam #delivery #hawley #pennsylvania #us