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Get alerts and updates for your case! Your contact information is not shown on the website.

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Scam Package from Jane, 371 Little Falls Rd ste 4, Cedar Grove, NJ, USA

1 week ago

371 Little Falls Road, Cedar Grove, 07009 New Jersey, United States

Item received does not look like the item I ordered. No return label for item.

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I order some clothes from Fistulair online.
My tracking #for y order wasHU093159123YP They took my money sent me conformation and sent me a empty box from this address.

Scam, Utah, USA

1 day ago

I order some clothes from this online shop it was supposed to be a Nordstrom affiliate, I have not received my package and now am not even able to locate the web page where I could see my order on See Less

I recieved a scarf in the mail unordered. Picking off the mailing label found the tracking number for a laser I had ordered. Occurre out of UK is scamming people off of social media and gaming ads. Carson is just a distributor in a rented warehouse. Lesson learned. (The scarf cost me $50) See Less

I also received a scarf I did not order from this address who is this obviously its a scam
Reply 23 hours ago
Me too! A scarf I did not order!
Reply 23 hours ago
I got a scarf too and had to pay $4.75 for shipping.
Reply 1 hour ago
I ordered fencing from APRE SUNDAY LTD and never received a tracking number or the product Order No:71LB0-878OS92 so I think I have been cheated See Less

I received a package from online seller at address 14900 Fry Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76155 online seller that address belongs to Amazon fulfillment center received two black boxes of essential oil box written in Chinese with the name Ning Pei. did not order this, and have... See More no idea even how to use it cause everything‘s in Chinese. ning pei essential energy oil bar mint no 1. See Less

I received an unordered car vacuum from Jane out of New Jersey

I'm in Alabama, USA See Less

I received the same ring that I did not order. What do I do with it. Don't want a charge somewhere for a product I didn't order. Please respond
Reply 1 day ago
I placed an order in a website, it gave me a confirmation number and a tracking number. I didn´t understand what this package meant until I saw it had the same tracking number as my order. I ordered clothes and I received a ring.....

I'm in El Paso See Less

I got a package from 371 little falls road unit 4 cedar Grove NJ that I didn't order. I'm not sure what to do. My label says evs on it. I did not order these clothes. What do I do. Send them back I'm in Everett, Washington See Less

I just received a white metal ring with large clear stone and adjustable band like cheap jewelry. Same paperwork as a previous complaint. Except theres no pricetag on this. I would never order this. Not my style, not even close to my size. Now what??? Any suggestions anyone? See Less

Same exact thing here. Our world is upside down. What a mess this country and this world we live in is. Sad
Reply 1 day ago

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Received an UNORDERED FAKE DIAMOND from tevin James hacienda Calif. Looks like everybody ordered something from CHINESE SCAMMERS / ONSELL / TEMU FB or YT advertisers . Never received my order but FAKE DIAMOND that was UNORDERED. Looks like WIRE FRAUD , CUSTOMS POSTAL SERVICE or ATTORNEY... See More GENERAL . However FB & You Tube are CHINESE FUNDED . So good luck to us all ! Sadly our CORRUPT GVT IS ALSO CHINESE FUNDED See Less

I got a package with 5 felt cloths in it. I didn't order this, but have orders I am waiting for them to be delivered. I really hope these cheap useless cloths aren't sent to me in place of what I've ordered. See Less

I ordered a JBL flip 6 red in color for $31.28 through an online ad on FACEBOOK. I paid using a pre-paid debit card and provided all necessary info both debit card and mailing address at that time! Today i received a white 3.5 × 6.5 insulated... See More bubblewrap type first class mail8ng with a USPS tracking #on it! It was addressed to me for delivery and from ONLINE SELLER 20526 59th Pl S Kent,WA 98032 I did not receive my speaker only the package wrap it apparently was shipped in!

I'm in Geneva
See Less

I received a package with several packets of tablets of some sort. There are several cautions on the package that includes "keep out of reach of children," "don't swallow," "don't contact with eyes," and "don't drink." There are six blistered packages. Not sure what this is but... See More I feel I need to report it. All of my Amazon orders have arrived. See Less

I ordered clothes on two different pages that were offering low-cost clothing using the name Macy's referring to a clearance and the same ring arrived with a certificate and I didn't request it. See Less

This is exactly what I received. Unordered! Does anyone know what we should do?
Reply 2 weeks ago
I ordered 4 insulated glasses for summer with straws and lids for 33, I received ear muffs, how do I get a refund

I'm in Louisiana See Less

go to your bank, dispute the charges, tell them you did not order this item and you should get your money back in about a week or two. they will probably give you a new debit card. thats what i had to do. Just tell them you don't know anything about it.
Reply 3 weeks ago
oh and by the way, the item that you "actually" ordered will never show up because it was a scam. happened to me. Thats the money you will be getting back. is the item that you were expecting and paid for.
Reply 3 weeks ago
I received a horse printed scarf in the mail today that I did not order was I charged for this? I'm in Ohio See Less

SCAM. Check your credit card, call your Visa card/bank and report fraud. They'll investigate and reverse the charges. This is either "brushing" (look it up) or maybe you ordered one of those "Amazon pallets" which are a total SCAM.
Reply 1 week ago
I just got the same scarf and this is something I did not order besides calling the bank. What can we do from this happening to anyone else?
Reply 1 week ago
I just got the same scarf. Maine. But I haven’t ordered anything
Reply 1 week ago
I got the same package
Reply 1 week ago
I received the same scarf.
Reply 1 week ago
I received 2 packages that I did not order, tried to send them back to the return address which is Toronto Returns Gateway.4567 Dixie Rd Miss. M0R4Y0. Obviously the code is incorrect. Fraud all way through. Please let me know how to handle this. If I do... See More not hear from you I will send them back with your correct code on. See Less

The reason you often receive cheap products from overseas is that the companies are trying to increase their ratings, so they place orders, ship something cheap so there is proof of delivery, and then write a favourable review. There is really nothing you can do about this.

If the package was addressed correctly with your name, then it means someone has obtained your name & address somehow, but you're not likely to ever find out how.

4567 Dixie Road is Canada Post's massive facility in Mississauga. International parcels can be shipped in bulk on a single waybill and then split after importation so that this appears as the return address. You cannot return the package to this address once you've opened it.
Reply 1 week ago
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