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Did not order a horse scafe. A silk horse cloth, Leighton, AL, USA

4 months ago

Leighton, 35646 Alabama, United States

A silk cloth I did not order. Has different kinds of horse's. Came from , Matthew no last name. 4811 Eastern Ave. Los Angeles, CA. 90040.


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I received a retractable charging cable I did not order. This was sent thru USPS by TNT shipping Vernon CA 90058 See Less

threat packages, mail

8 hours ago

the packages were from this address and sent to me, no name of the sender

2850 N Brea Blvd, Fullerton, CA, USA See Less

HU said Thursday afternoon that the outages were impacting customers from Burritt Drive south to Chandler Road. The outages are also affecting power at Cliffs Edge and Asbury Road, Highway 72 south to Holmes Avenue and from Andrew Jackson Way east to Memorial Parkway.

Outage link: ... See More
Published: 2023-09-28
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The City of York said Tuesday afternoon that its Boil Water Notice has been canceled.

Published: 2023-09-26 See Less

Ok...I did not order these BPL jeans..what I ordered was Judy Blues jeans at appx $54...I do know these jeans were not ordered from this company...unless they sent a knockoff as a boutique brand...
I have been getting tracking in thwm until about 2 weeks ago..and started... See More out in Belgium(6 weeks ago).
They are from:
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A power outage has been reported in Huntsville Thursday morning. The outage is from Research Park Boulevard West to Jeff Road, and from Plummer Road South to University Drive. According to Huntsville Utilities, about 1,600 customers were impacted by this outage.

Outage link:
Published:... See More 2023-09-21 See Less

A pair of 👓 came in the mail in a white package from a person I don't know Mark Cadicamo from 1458 College Point Blvd. College Point, NY.11356 See Less

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I received a package from Total Logistics that I did not order. It had the product subgenix bioribose that I did not order. See Less

yes i received this strange product in the mail. what is going on with this powdery substance?
Reply 4 hours ago
Received a package that I never ordered. It is a charging cable with three different connection. Seems when I ordered something that stated was Bed Bath and Beyond that it was a scam. See Less

This company tries to be slick ,Sends out cheap substitute earphones or purses instead of what should be a box of furniture to assemble.i knew this because i bookmarked order confirmation and marked all shipping numbers when the tiny box arrived i checked the tracking and warned... See More them by email that i was an undercover from customs and excise .Website only up for 6 weeks .I returned it they promised refund but as of now nothing See Less

I received a very beautiful, albeit fake, moissanite ring in the mail that I did not order. It has a "certificate of authenticity" along with a limited 12-month warranty. I was requested to register my ring so that I would be able to benefit and start my... See More "12 months warranty. " I obviously didn't call any numbers, visit any sites, scan any QR codes etc... See Less

I just received the same thing. I think it has something to do with an order I placed and immediately cancelled when I realized it was a Chinese company. I have had to file a dispute with my credit card company to resolve this. I believe this ring is a ploy so they can use the delivery information to say you received your order and took delivery.
Reply 2 weeks ago
I got a package today that I did not order. I ordered 3 items from a site called Lapesto and after tracking the package with the number they gave me , it came with a shirt I did not order ( from Cyklas ) See Less

This just happened to me today too!
Reply 3 weeks ago
I ordered collapsible cart, was invoiced in AUD, charged in USD and never received goods. I've been offered 20, 30, 40 & 50% refund, yet I'm still waiting for a refund. They are scammers!! See Less

Received package I did not order keto pure n charges to account never authorized See Less

This a.m. I called the number on the other side of label 877-211-5175. Played stupid told the guy my sons girlfriend wanted to order but I needed the last 4 digits of credit card. They looked up name found nothing I gave them the USPS Tracking # and he gave me the last 4 digits. I said, "O.K. thanks". He then said, my last order was declined after it was shipped. I said, "Yes I know I never authorized this and therefore would not pay for it." He said, "Yes you will and by law you received it and must pay". I said, "Please take me to court it will be fun. Especially since my bank alerted me of you attempting to push thru 2 transactions one for $169.00 and then $59.00. Oh and by the way the credit card was cancelled so have a happy day". He said, I needed to return the package I said o.k. it's coming COD.
Reply 1 week ago
August 14, 2023 I ordered a set of 6 skorts via Facebook ad. I paid via PAYPAL. Today I received a Scarf from this address. the tracking number matched the number sent to me via the skort order. See Less

This is what I ordered and received this instead
Reply 3 weeks ago
Received UBS chargers and I did not order that.  Don’t know who this company is
I got a package that I did not order- 2 usb cables- how did they get my name and address See Less

Don't know what we ordered and got 3 green long skinny pieces of filament, so weird Peeled off second label, online seller, 2700 center dr dupont wa 98327 See Less

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