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It came from Online Seller, Retum 1 950 Francisco St Torrance, CA 90502. It came in a white plastic wrapper with postage and fees paid by Easypost. I did not order this package when it came to my mailbox. Then I had to pay $5.90 postage. After... See More paying the postage due I opened the package. The box inside said “Lucky Box.” On the black box is presents and a big ?. It came with some small screwdrivers and other miscellaneous stuff. I need more tools like I need another hole in my head. I’m angry that I was taken. | Symptoms: Other See Less

Onn 3 outlet power outlet tap (Model Number: ONA-12AV049) malfunctioned causing the unit to arc within the outlet receptacle.
Caused external burns to the wall outlet, melted the wall outlet, damaged the wall outlet plate, as well as caused severe burns to the prongs of the unit... See More in which an indent and corrosion occurred on the device itself from the malfunction. The device malfunction caused the outlet to burn out. Onn device was being used to connect two lamps to the wall outlet. This was the only device plugged into the wall receptacle. Avoided injury, however would not have if the outlet wasn't the first in a circuit which made it so that a device on the other side of the room wouldn't work that was plugged into a different outlet.
It was during my investigation trying to find out if there was perhaps a GFI reset somewhere that I didn't remember that I discovered it turned out to be that this device had began to burn and arc causing the wall outlet to actually melt and burn as well. The unit when still plugged in was crackling and buzzing inside of it separate from the wall outlet and the surge protection light was still lit as if it was functioning properly but wasn't. The outside of the device had no preexisting damage or misuse. But following there is also melting on the back of the product where some of the raised lettering had been singed off partially during the malfunction. Had we been out or asleep when this occurred, a catastrophic loss of property and life would have possibly been imminent.

Device Further Information:
Onn 3 Outlet Wall Tap, black, with surge protector built in, rotating outlet safety covers. 15A 120VAC ; UL Listed Current Tap No. AU 391260; L131401; Also Listed SPD ; E206709 Type 3 SPD ; Other number located on device: CT-045F-1; VPR 700 V L-N ; Two imprinted numerical dials one says 4 the other says 14. ; Est. Dimensions (inches): 7.75x3.5x4.75; Walmart No.550390617; Possible SKU:21349353;

Item Description: The ONN 3-Outlet Wall Tap protects your electronics from power surges as well as providing extra outlets where needed. An indicator light glows to let you know surge protection is working. It also has rotating outlet covers for added safety. ; ONN 3-Outlet Wall Tap: Protects your electronics from power surges, Indicator light, Rotating outlets covers for added safety; Archived Walmart.com page when item was first being sold (was sold between 2014 and 2018):
web.archive.org/web/20140711143925/walmart.com:80/ip/ONN-ONA12AV049-ONN-3-Outlet-Wall-Tap/21349353 ; Device was manufactured in both black and white. My device was black.
See Less

I received an empty bubble envelope from Shipping center, 1700 Belle Meade Ct. Lawrenceville, GA. 30043. On Oct. 28, 2022 Anybody know what this is about?
I'm in Lake Elsinore, CA, USA See Less

I ordered a dog bed for $49.95 through a company named Zbotas in China. I received a phone cable instead. Apparently they send a phone cable to everyone for anything you order after I researched. Total Scam! See Less

I received an item I did not order. Return address states Online Seller, 2646 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98144. Underneath the UPS label it shows from China Post. I live in Indiana See Less

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