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Cty Of Cmmrce, California, United States


The bank and postal service knows about you and I will be telling them about the reviews I've read.

Received 3 large tubes of perfume lotion and a small bottle of peptides. I did not order this stuff!! Called my bank, they said to return it to address on package.

#unorderedpackage #delivery #southeasternavenue #ctyofcmmrce #california #us

I received through USPS a small pkg containing a small rubber tubelike pouch containing what was listed as a COOL TOWELL, which measured approx. 31 X 12 inches. No info or instructions. I DID NOT order this item. Have no idea what it is used for. The… See more

#scam #unorderedpackage #delivery #ctyofcmmrce #california #us


Facebook Scam, Los Angeles, CA 90040, USA

9 months ago reported by user-ntgxg891 details

I ordered 2 cabinets on Facebook supposedly from Bed Bath and Beyond. It was charged on my credit card to ABT opalprint for $50.98. I just received a scarf - nothing I would ever order or wear - from Tony Strickland 6550 E Washington Blvd, LA, CA.… See more

#scam #facebookscam #delivery #ctyofcmmrce #california #us

I don't know what I ordered, but I received a charging cable from Brian Jarvis in Commerce, California. Did not order anything of the sort. Package was mailed on July 10, 2023, and received on July 28, 2023.

Im in Texas, USA

#unorderedpackage #delivery #easternavenue #ctyofcmmrce #california #us

I have received a harmonica in the mail. No clue why unless it’s to replace some clothes that I actually ordered. What is this…. Scammer with a tiny conscious? Came from Jean miles commerce way ca.

Im in Columbus, Ohio, USA

#unorderedpackage #delivery #commerceway #ctyofcmmrce #california #us

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A similar situation regarding Angelo Want (if that is even a real person's name) sending a ring instead of the multiple clothing items I ordered from Sophomost
Package received from 5549 Arrow Hwy Ste C, Montclair, CA 91763 by way of China Mail initially over a month ago

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I canceled it right away, cuz I don't want it. There is a charge for 99.97 a

I did not order this product, when I filled out the questioner, I filled out a post on a free phone, not your product. After the post TRICKED me, I… See more

#scam #onlineshopping #onlinescam #delivery #phoenix #arizona #us

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