Parkin, Arkansas, United States


Residents are advised to boil water due to an order in effect in the Cross County town of Parkin. According to the Mayor of the City, workers had repaired a burned-out power panel and that water was once again flowing. Customers are advised to boil water before … See More

Published: 2024-02-15
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Boil Water, 306 Voyles Drive apt 3, Parkin, AR, USA

5 months ago reported by user-jyyj1249

The residents of Parkin are getting sick from the water and have been for so long that the majority of them have given up hopes of a remedy by speaking to the city council and voicing their concerns so they have just stopped drinking the water, completely. … See More
I'm new to the town but a lifelong resident of Cross County so I was unaware of all of this when I moved into Parkin this past September. It has caused me to become sick and my children nor we can get the water on us without whelping up even just by brushing our teeth! Literal red burning inflammation roads highlighting the path the water takes from the corners of our mouth and it lasts almost an hour!! I have been told the city has had the funds granted to them to redo the water system here but for some reason the residents say that the mayor and/or city council won't come together and agree on terms to allow the work to begin. I spoke with a member of the fire department today and asked about getting the water tested because i had deduced myself after the inflamation on contact to the skin that its imperative that we know what we have been exposed to and he informed me that and I quote " No one here drinks the water. There's always a boil order, matter of fact there's one that's current now" When i asked whose job was it to make the citizens are made aware he just shrugged an stated "I dont know". PLEASE HELP!
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Facebook Scam, Interlachen, FL, USA

3 days ago reported by user-tfjp9313

Two drums that I just reported to you that I received and did not even order. They pulled my credit card off of my computer without my permission and I have no idea what credit card they use or anything. I have no idea what the things … See More
cost. They just show

I looked at these drones on Facebook. I put my first name in my last name, and after that I left the site didn’t think a thing about it did not give them any personal information whatsoever. Apparently, they are able to pull your credit card off of your computer because the next thing I know I’ve got two Drones sitting at my house Not even want these cheap things there is no way of sending them back. There is no invoice. There is no nothing so I have no idea how to take care of this. I looked up their name their address in New York no longer in business..
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#scam #subscriptionscam #facebookscam #delivery #interlachen #florida #us


GRA moissanite scam, Los Angeles, CA, USA

2 weeks ago reported by user-yzwkk313

I recieved a package in the mail that I did not order. It is a moissanite ring and upon reading information on this scam online I decided to report it. I scanned the qr code on the card before reading it was a scam so im not sure if they can steal my information.

#unorderedpackage #delivery #losangeles #california #us


Scammed, Vandergrift, PA, USA

3 weeks ago reported by user-vycw1955

I am expecting a package from the free internet and free wifi for life. I ordered it on March 8,2024

I received a white envelope that contains 4 blue disks and no instructions for them. The envelope came from Heather Motty and the address is 2207 Summit … See More
Avenue Union City NJ 07087 what are the dics for?
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#scam #onlineshopping #onlinescam #delivery #uspostalservice #vandergrift #pennsylvania #us

On Feb. 9, 2024, I ordered 2 Inspire My Play Trays from what looked to be a legitimate online shop with an address in Manhattan, KS. There were red flags:
1. At top of webpage, was a Child R - Child Related logo.
2. No phone number … See More
for company on webpage.
3. confirmation email had a no reply sender as: noreplymail @feinschstores. com and a contact email of: stevenbriesing @hotmail. com
4. I had no reply to an inquiry about the order to stevenbriesing @hotmail. com
5. I received an email with a tracking number for Chinese shipping.

I was charged $97.11 by AQR littlemall Mong Kok, HK. I received a package on 3/1/2024 with a pendant necklace having a customs label value of $10. The return "address/phone" on the customs label was: HD GZL 7 Demaozhuang , Daxing District. Beijing, Beijing, Beijing 100000 China Phone: 8618800000000
I filed a dispute with Costo Citibank and sent documentation with the various names from the website, emails, tracking page and shipping label.
I was contacted by Costco Citibank asking for proof of returned item or reason for not returning. I had no way of knowing who to return this item to. I don't speak Mandarin/Chinese so have no way of verifying via phone call the identity of who I'd be talking to and whether they were part of this order.
I found out after the fact, that the Manhattan, Kansas address was a real building, but the Kansas Better Business Bureau had tagged it as being associated with a variety of scam businesses.
Costco Citibank denied my dispute on April 1, 2024, so I am responsible for paying the $97.11 for this pendant that I did not order.
I should have refused the delivery of the package, but it had been delivered to my mailbox.
In my opinion, by accepting the item, this gives credit card companies a way to hold you responsible for the charges. In their dispute forms, you are asked if you received merchandise which puts your dispute in a set customer support decision tree, which may or may not fit your exact situation. Even though they are supposed to "investigate", I have no way of knowing to what extent they investigated if at all

Manhattan Kansas and Hong Kong
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#scam #onlineshopping #onlinescam #delivery #kowloon #hongkong



Well I didn't order anything from this company but I have a $60.42 cent fraudulent charge on my Visa card. After the charge on my account (business account) a few weeks later I received what I can only assume are the earrings that possibly match your

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