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Sierra Vista, Arizona, United States

Updated: August 12, 2023 12:33 PM
Yesterday, a test of the water system in the Miles Manor II & III neighborhoods yielded a positive result for E-coli bacteria, U.S. Army Fort Huachuca said. According to the U.S. Army Fort Huachuca, “there was still a high level of chlorinated water in the sample, we... See More believe this may be a false positive sample. Additional samples for testing are being taken today, but results may not be available until Monday. We will inform residents if we receive them earlier.

Published: 2023-08-11
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I received a ring that I didn't order. I took it to UPS to send it back. I received a call from UPS today they tried to deliver them 3 times and no one was there
I received a ring from Tevin James that I didn't order.... See More I paid UPS to return it to the return address on the box. There was no receipt in the box. UPS called me today to tell me that they tried to deliver it 3 times and no one was ever at the address. I'm checking my credit cards to see what account they charged it on. See Less

Parts of Sierra Vista were without power and several storage units were damaged after a microburst hit the area Wednesday evening.

Source: See Less

The employer does not have a COVID-19 Response Plan to prevent the spread in the workplace. Employees are not wearing masks in the workplace to prevent the spread of the virus. Employees are not practicing social distancing. The employer is using a disinfectant that is not listed... See More as a chemical that will kill the virus on surfaces.

Alleged Hazards: 4, Employees Exposed: 20
Source: | Receipt Date: 2021-01-18
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6 days ago - Hurt at the site of the injection for about an hour then felt like a bruise for a couple of days. There wasn’t one but the injection site was tender. No other side effects. | Symptoms: Soreness See Less

Multiple trenching violations including, no training, no shoring or sloping, no inspections, no competent person onsite, no safe access/egress, water accumulation in the trench and under-pinning of asphalt. Proper PPE is not being worn/used including face shields during cutting, proper eye protection, metatarsal guards during tamping, and... See More Hi-Vis clothing is not being worn as required. Welding is occurring on carbon steel and proper respirators are not being worn. Harness and lanyards are not being inspected. Fire hazards exist including the improper storage of compressed gas cylinders (acetylene and oxygen), smoking near flammable storage areas and compressed gases and fire extinguishers are not located within 75 feet of work locations. Multiple electrical hazards exist including , no assured grounding program in place, open panels and exposed busbars, extension cords being used in lieu of permanent wiring, damaged and improperly repaired cords are being used. Tool and equipment inspections are not being conducted. Damaged power cords are being used. Damaged welding leads are being used. Back alarms are not operational. Permit required confined spaces are being entered without checking atmosphere. There is no confined space training for employees and no competent person onsite. Safety Data sheets are missing Handwashing facilities or alternatives are not available. Crane lifts are being conducted without ground bearing pressure calculations. Vaults and other voids exist in the area. CoVID protocols are not being followed. Employees are not following emergency action plans for weather. There is no bulletin board with the required postings.

Alleged Hazards: 12, Employees Exposed: 50
Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-07-27
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yes I received a package I never order. Address from 21460 Yellow Brick Rd, Walnut CA 91789 See Less

Received a Tshirt/blouse with a CYKLAS price tag of $39.90. It came totally out of the blue. Not ordered by me. I'm going to change my card numbers. See Less

The company name is Subgenix out of Tampa Fl 1-800-609-4174. The system hangs up after waiting 4 minutes. Also says on the package from Fulfillment Cyrus. 14140 McCormick Dr. Tampa Fl. 33626 See Less

Exactly like this picture.
Reply 1 week ago
Ordered a golf buggy from via Facebook. Tracking didn’t work. Received a $1 scarf instead. I have been emailed from to accept first a 60% refund then when I refused they want me to accept postage costs for scarf of $15. Refused. Now want me... See More to send scarf back to above address at a cost to me of almost £10. This is a scam. After many emails and being asked to send scarf back and pay €15.99 for postage, I got in touch with my bank and they refunded me. Shortly afterwards, Chomara also refunded the full amount after pressure from my bank. See Less

Grey size large polyester shirt, Cyklas official brand tag, price $39.9 @ Never ordered anything from there See Less

I am reporting a package that we did not order. A ring has arrived with a GRA Moissanite certificate.
The address of the shipper: is JQX Mo, No.9 Lufenglu Chengmenzhen, Fuzhou, Fujian, 350000, China

I'm in Victoria, Australia See Less

it is an online purchase that you made on an invalid page and in return they send you this... and surely the order from that page you bought something will not reach you
-2 Reply 1 week ago
Me too!! I received the same item, from same sender when i purchased CottonOn kids clothing from a link on a Facebook feed. Clothing never came. They asked if i would accept the dodgy ring, and get 10% refund to accept their apology! The ring was not worth $60 !! the GRA certification is also invalid !
Reply 4 days ago
I just received this in the mail.. I googled the sender's address. He has sent others somewhat of the same thing. I’ve ordered luggage from Facebook and have not received it yet See Less

called HSN and they said this is a scam and to talk to your bank as they did not or have never carried those luggage pieces. And We have gotten the leather charms too.
Reply 5 days ago
Total scam. No refund. No delivery of items ordered. No way to contact company. See Less

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