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Wrong item was shipped and received, 2101 West Lake Street, Addison, IL, USA

2 months ago

2101 West Lake Street, Addison, 60101 Illinois, United States

I ordered raised garden beds on Facebook and received this stupid horse scarf Bandana thing instead. I am upset because we were counting on getting those garden beds. It is a scam and now these people have my information. What do I do?

Im located in Palms, CA, USA


I ordered the raised garden beds through Facebook and got a crummy pair of garden gloves. Now they have charged my credit card for $139. I don't think I'll ever see a refund.
-1 Reply 2 months ago
Identical to my situation. Reported and stopped? It’s still advertised by multiple sellers on marketplace. Likely all our fraudulent.
Reply 2 months ago
You can get your money back, call your bank and stop buying from social media websites.
Reply 2 months ago
I ordered this same thing and I got a scarf. But I've been following the tracking and it says it's still in CA. Am I being gullible in thinking it still might come? 😔
-1 Reply 2 months ago
I got the same scarf and never ordered it or was charged !
Reply 2 months ago
I got sunglasses instead of the garden beds
Reply 1 month ago

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I received a package in the mail It's a scarf that I did not order and I have no idea of the sender! Label has a full name of a person and their address I do not know them. Scarf is beautiful with horses I don't understand. See Less

Ordered a "party" cart on Absella and received two pairs of socks. A white pair and a black pair. I have contacted my credit card and am disputing the $40 charge. All their post are down on Facebook, or maybe they block their victims after the money... See More is taken, so we cannot post anything on any of their feeds. I don't know if this is all connected but I did get a text today that I had 24 hours to contact "them" about the vacuum cleaner (I did not order) on "Being with B Amazon Shopping LLC". That is in the amount of $240 - I did contact my credit card about that too. Never again will I ever order anything off Facebook again. I should have known better! See Less

Small package, about the size of a magazine me. There is a scarf with horses on it. I am still waiting for a tent that I ordered online that I paid $43 for but hasn't arrived. See Less

I did order an item and it has major defects with the lettering. I've emailed 19 times to get a refund and now it seems that I have been blocked via email. I spent 75.00 but they were offering 15.00. See Less

I got scammed by the same outfit for the 12lb crab legs and get nothing in return. I wonder if theres another way to get my money back
Reply 1 week ago
I received an order of socks, looks like a knee brace, I did not order from Carson, 2101 W. Lake Street, Addison, IL 60101. I did not ordere it.

Im in Spartanburg, SC, USA See Less

Keto Gummies and Keto Advanced weight loss. Keto Gummies in red label and Keto Advanced is blue label. Both are from GoXtra See Less

I received what looks like a baking pan liner I did not order anything from this place . What should I do ? See Less

Ordered a suitcase. Thought it was QVC which I have never ordered from before. Received a ripped scarf with no info. Going to dispute with my bank.
Reply 3 weeks ago
I got one today. I ordered suitcases from what I thought was qvc as well and never ordered before from them walls the video was I thought legit
Ugh this makes me angry ppl do this
Reply 2 weeks ago
Didn't order, cheap scarf. Where did this come from and why? See Less

So, what do we do about this? Does anyone respond to these reports?
Reply 1 month ago

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never received merchandise or any correspondence fro ASL curez after months of beimg patient
Never received mercjandise,explanation fpr months of waiting or refund

Wow... See Less

received a green "silk" (HA!) scarf, unordered, from china via Marketplace on Facebook . USPS label over chinese label. USPS numbers come up blank. Makes me wonder how many others have ordered from Mkt place on FB without receiving their order while something else is sent. No... See More original company info. They did charge my account so will be reporting to USPS, UPS, FB, Mktpl and US govt. See Less

I just received a seriously cheap scarf I did not order. From Online Seller much like others here. I did order a Bose CD Payer three weeks ago which never came. I had reported this many times to Facebook and my Bank Wells Fargo. My Bank reimbursed... See More me. Facebook continues to post these Fake Bose CD Play adds. I report every one I see and have for 3 weeks and they are still posting them. So now I am guessing the Bose Guys got their money and sent me this scarf so they can report my item was shipped. I wonder if i will now hear from the Bank that the seller shipped so they have take the money back!!!????!?! You can look at Facebook market place and some stuff at crazy prices, ELECTRIC BIKES for $49, If it looks too good to be true it probably is. Tbe Bose thing was on me. We have one and its on the fritz. I save the QVC Warehouse sale and thought hey maybe its true BIG MISTAKE! The Bose ads are rerun with a number of seller names but the adda are basically all the same and its a huge Fraud.
Sun Rayre
Meledo Company
Peyeanuua Store
Tseahst Factory Outlet Store
Tradeinabit QVC Overstock
Perlalea UK
The above list are the Company names I have seen and reported on FaceBook but they continue to reappear. It is such a sham it is obvious yet we have no where to report and get these cheaters off the internet.
I guess they are paying a lot for ad space and hits so Facebook only sees them as a revenue source. Sadly.
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Oh no! I received a cheap, unordered scarf yesterday' and I too ordered a BOSE WAVE MUSIC SYSTEM with MULTI-CD CHANGER on April 13, also from QVC ad. I received a confirmation email, and just relooked at the email. I paid $39.99 plus $7.99 shipping for a total of $47.98. I paid with American Express card, just relooked at email and at end says: Payment Method ASIABILL. Have I been scammed too? Have you heard anything?
Reply 3 weeks ago
Is there ever an answer to these complaints?
Reply 3 weeks ago
Yes, I ordered the BOSE WAVE MUSIC SYSTEM with Multi-CD CHANGER also and got cheap scarf.
Reply 2 weeks ago
3+weeks ago I ordered 2 glider chairs from EMETOU that never arrived but my credit card was charged last month.Their phone# is not working and I was instructed to call 611 (which is for T-Mobile.IMO EMETOU IS A SCAM. They are still selling on FB and other media outlets!

Im in Helena, MT, USA See Less

I ordered chairs I got a gold scarf
Reply 3 weeks ago
My mom order the same thing and received the same thing.Absolue garbage.If you know how to get the money back let me know and vice versa.We are in Tennessee
Reply 2 weeks ago
My order same thing should have been glider chairs. My card got charged. I’d like to know what do I do next??
Reply 2 weeks ago
I ordered rocker lawn chairs,,took my money on April 14 still no chairs...I have no chairs ,,no money,
What do I do now,, what happens next
1 Reply 1 week ago
Ordered chairs got piece of material from Carsen 160 Exchange Blvd.Glendale Heights IL.
Reply 1 week ago
Received a moissanite ring not ordered from Carlson Sweden. Address: 135 Raritan Center PKY, Edison NJ 08837
I see that it’s happened to other people too. Can’t locate sender. Concerned about reason I received it. See Less

I ordered 4 chairs from this Facebook link, received a piece of cloth. Factory Outlet Shop is who is responding to me. See Less

same exact thing just happened to me, except I didn't even get the lousy piece of material. I'm going to call my credit card company and refute the charge.
Reply 2 weeks ago
Yes, I received an "shawl" in brown which I never ordered. Never would order anything in brown. Do not want it and never ordered anything from this company. See Less

I received a pkg that was delivered by USPS with a fake diamond ring that I didn't order!!!
Online Seller
24006 E. 19th Ave
Aurora, CO 80019 See Less

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