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Unordered package, Dubuque, IA, USA

1 week ago

Dubuque, Iowa, United States

I received some sort of scarf in the mail. The scarf is a tacky, avocado green with lint all over it. I did not order anything from Carson.


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Received package from TREND, address: 192-14 Northern Blvd., Flushing, NY 1358. I DID NOT order this product, KETO Pills. See Less

I just received these same keto weight loss pills in mail today and I know I didn’t order them. I called my back to see if they can find out what the place was and have they taken any money out my account. The associate said she didn’t see anything taken from my account. But I don’t need them because I don’t have nothing to lose but my mind
Reply 3 hours ago
Call number on back if bottle and get deleted from automatic shipments which you are apparently signed up for unknowingly
Reply 1 hour ago
2 bottles of SlimDetox from Trendy, 192-01 Northern Blvd, Flushing NY 11358 See Less

Me to but they got my money never again
Reply 3 hours ago
I received this shirt with flowers in it. I never ordered this. There is no slip inside nor any name on the package except a return address. Return address: 12500 Slauson Avenue, Santa Fe Springs, CA, USA

I looked up address on who it belongs to. It... See More came up Korean Farms.

Is this a scam of some kind?
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The lights are out for some in eastern Iowa this morning following a powerful winter storm. Over 2,000 customers in Iowa are without power this morning. In eastern Iowa this includes outages in Black Hawk, Buchanan, Delaware, Cedar, Dubuque, and Tama counties where significant icing occurred. More... See More outages are possible today as winds pick up.

Iowa Electric Cooperatives:
Mid American Energy:

Published: 2023-02-23
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I'm calling to report that I ordered a nativity set from this company. I have reported it as a fraud and I want my money back. It is a joke. It came. It's so small. It's a joke. It supposed to be for year outside yard. You... See More wouldn't be able to see it from the front door. It's a joke. It's very cheap. Material parts are missing. The box was only like 2 inches thick and all falling apart. I'm telling you it's just a gill. My friends are all laughing, they just can't believe that the people would sell something like that. Anyway, If you could help me get my refund or something I tried calling them forever. Tried email, I tried everything, I could get a decent. Respond to find the right number or anything ah, for weeks after I ordered it before I finally got it. And then it came right before Christmas and it was supposed to be outside all the winter period. It's a joke, it's just, it's a said they are crooks. They need to be stopped goodbye. See Less

The boil advisory for a large portion of Dubuque has been lifted this morning. The precautionary advisory was put into place on Thursday after possible bacteria was detected. This morning, the city received negative results of bacteria, allowing residents to return to normal water usage.

Source: ... See More
Published: 2022-09-10
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I received a small package in the mail today and I did not order anything from this company. Received a blue plastic material rectangle looks like a placemat. Very strange I would like to Knute why I received this and how they obtained my name and address. See Less

If you ordered something on fb and you got this so called gift it was a scam, I did the same what I thought was QVC till I called them and gave my order # they told me it's not one of their numbers.
Reply 1 week ago

How did this person get my address. It was a yellow piece of material. A few weeks ago I ordered some lawn chairs, and afterward I had a feeling it was a scam. I reported it to my credit... See More card company and got refunded. I feel this is part of the result. The company said it was QVC but I’m doubtful. See Less

Received small manilla envelope with acardinsode that says thanks for your order, but there was nothing inside. Return address is shipping center 397 Brenton way Louisville KY 40229

I'm in Okeechobee See Less

I just received one too
Reply 3 weeks ago
Received a piece of cloth. I had ordered 2 camping chairs but didn’t receive them. No way to contact them! See Less

I received the same cloth and ordered a dog bath
-1 Reply 1 week ago
Not sure what I ordered that this piece of material was sent in its place but I didn’t order whatever this is or supposed to be! It is just a weaved type small mat like a table mat. See Less

I ordered tee shirts from a company called I received a cheap ladies ring instead. It came from seller. 2700 regent blvd, Irving, TX 75063. The old tracking number was covered up by another different one. I talked to my post office, they said this has... See More happened before. What to do next? See Less

I am very concerned. I ordered from this website that said it was Bealls, but it wasn’t!!! Here is the fake site: This fake site is probably stealing our credit card informations. They sent me a fake ring See Less

Received package from address listed above on May 5,2023. I did not order this ring! No invoice or cost included! Concerned as to how this company got my name and address! See Less

My mail man knocked yesterday and said he had a pkg addressed to me with a fake postage label and told me I would need to pay the postage which was 6.15 for it or refuse it. I paid the 6.15 and when I opened it there... See More was a box about 6”x6”x2” black with big question mark and confetti and it contained nasty looking mini tools, tarnished earrings and just junk.
Web site on box is
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