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Macy's Scam, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

1 week ago

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

I’ve ordered some stuff from a site,thinking that it’s Macy’s and now they have sent me a ring that I have not ordered and I’ve heard nothing about the order yet and they took my money


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I received a Moissanite engagement ring in the mail that I didn't order on St. Patty's Day, just sitting on my doorstep all willy nilly! Shockingly it was a perfect fit, and I have an unusual sized ring finger. Firstly, I'm thinking who does that? Who sends... See More anything valuable without having the receiver sign for it? Furthermore, who'd send me a ring rather than presenting it to me? I noticed typos and grammatical errors on the supposed warranty certificate so that also made me question validity. I was going to take the ring to be appraised but now I'll forego that embarrassment. Oddly enough, having read other reports I now know how my info was obtained....smh See Less I ordered clothes from this website but never got a confirmation of my order or email, my credit card was charged with no phone # contact, never received my order. See Less

I order a treadmill and I got a scarf, Yogi See Less

I got the same scarf
Reply 1 hour ago
I received the same scarf but I ordered to hippie shirts and was charged.
Reply 10 minutes ago
A ring was delivered to me from Jane, 14915 177th st, ste 202, Jamaica NY 11434 delivered to me on March 20, 2023. This package was not ordered by me or anyone I know, A ring was delivered to me 3/20/23 along with a authenticity certificate
I'm in Lititz, PA See Less

I bought clothes of Ador on Facebook and have received a ring in the post and no clothes as of yet
Also another site was ipl*kinemty
The second site I am unable to find now. There was no return address but this is what I received
Ador... See More says my package should be here by 22nd so don’t think it’s them . Definitely something wrong with the ipl* site though
It’s definitely kinemty as on this tracker site it said a parcel was delivered. I ordered clothes not a ring so definitely a scam
See Less

Reply 16 hours ago
I also ordered clothes from a supposed clothing website and when the site said it was delivered I received a fake ring instead.
Reply 10 hours ago
I had ordered some boots from this website- RH they withdrew 24.98 on 2/9/23. Did not know this was a scam saw the same boots on Amazon called them to see If they were affiliated with them-No she couldn't find anything. People please be aware of... See More website or clothing scams. I'm just glad it was a small amount. Obviously I will not be able to get my money back. See Less

Got a pair of pant from luke sky at 2800 franklin st ind  and didnt order it See Less

They're a drop shipping transit point for stuff coming in from China
Reply 3 days ago
I ordered 2 dresses that do not fit- there is no return address other than Seller- 2800 N. Franklin Rd. Indianapolis, IN. I want my credit for these 2 dresses. Cost around $100. Please advise

03/20 update: Hi- I went to my local post office today to... See More try and send my package back. The postman said 2800 North Franklin Rd in Indianapolis, IN does not exist!!! What do I do now with my package and how do I get a refund? Thanks, See Less

According to the Indiana American Water Customer Advisory Map, an area between Walden Court and Wallace Avenue is under a 24-hour boil water advisory due to a water main break. Homes in the affected area may experience a service interruption or low water pressure. Repairs are expected... See More to take approximately six hours to complete.

Published: 2023-03-18
See Less

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I bought some clothes from an on-line store, which was Macy's. I never received the clothes, but just received a ring in the mail yesterday, I didn't order this ring. The package inside information is GRA . The address on the bag was Tevin James 8955 Duarte... See More Rd, San Gabriel, CA 91775

I'm in Saline
See Less

Same! :(
Reply 5 days ago
just said from online seller and with the scarf… See Less

Ha! I just got an awful ugly scarf from them too!!! Any ideas what is going on?
Reply 1 week ago
I also received an ugly scarf what is this all about???
Reply 1 week ago
I received a scarf from them too, yesterday. Who are they? And how do they get our info?
Reply 1 week ago
Me toooo! WTF!
Reply 6 days ago
I received cheap jewelry from this same address. There is now way I ordered this item. Any news on this?
Reply 3 days ago
I have no idea how you got my info,but I surely didn't order 2 pairs of socks from you. Totally weird. Why socks I've never even heard of this place

I'm in Edmonds See Less

I placed an order for a nativity scene set, which I have never received. I got a package of socks instead. The nativity set was around $30. The socks are worthless to me.
Maybe I can give them to the homeless. See Less

Contact your bank or card you bought this from. They should be able to help you as this is a huge scam thays going around
Reply 2 weeks ago
I placed an order with a company called Uiewiy on December 28th and just like everyone else I received a cheap ring that I did not order. I have requested my money back from my bank twice and they contacted the seller. Imagine how much grief they... See More have been giving me. This site is nothing except pure scam!

I have numerous emails going back and forth between myself and the seller. I have done my research and found that they are in violation of the agreement they would have had to sign to deliver any goods here to the United States and they are in complete violation. They swear they are going to send me the items I ordered however it has yet to happen and now I am not even able to access the website for them. It's like they blocked my IP address.
See Less

I just got a package on 3-11-23 from Kelly noon from 135 Raritan center park way, Edison NJ and was nothing but a 4x4 white cardboard? Anything to worry about? My daughter opened it because it had our address on it .
Reply 1 week ago
s..........s report them
Reply 1 week ago
Received package from Tevin James, 3148 Colima Rd, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745, USA
March 11/2023

I ordered from website called Worthying my aunt recommended. I now feel ashamed to admit that I got scammed by this company! Same tracking # they gave me was on this small... See More package. Inside was a small brown box containing a red jewelry box inside it being a cheap adjustable ring claiming to be genuine Moissanite from GRA. Sad thing is customer service was corresponding with me to confirm my order was on its way. Trust is no longer part of our society. Scams at every corner of the world these days!

I'm in Michigan, USA .
See Less

Scam artist GRA -Tevin James! Did Not Order any Ring from any Company! We have excellent Jewelry Stores right here in Jackson, Tn, When & If I Choose to purchase a Real Diamond Ring. This is SCAM! I Did Not Order from Tevin James -GRA. No Thank You. Sue Sisco
Reply 1 week ago
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