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Did not order, Fredericksburg, VA, USA

10 months ago

Fredericksburg, 22401 Virginia, United States

Received Keto gummies in the mail that I did not order.


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I receive a red band watch that I didn’t order. I don’t know how they got my information!!
From 371 Little Falls Road- Unit 4, Cedar Grove NJ 07009. Can you please let me know how they got my information! Thank you! See Less

I received an opened package I did not order. The package says time sensitive material and was opened and empty in my mailbox. I did not order anything from this source or address. See Less

Fake address used by Prodo watch company. I ordered 3 watches and received 2 fake. They charged my card 700 dollars and received from the address jane 371 little falls Rd. Suite Unit 4 Ceder Grove NJ 97009
This order came from PRODO watches. Never use this website. See Less

I ordered a nativity set from the above place it was Willow Tree. It was billed ad the above Durham LND
39.99. I never received any other information except an email stating Ty they had processed my payment. See Less

I received a package with a return address of
Shipping Center
5572 Silver Hill Rd
Bryan, TX,77807
that I never ordered. See Less

I did receive a package I did not order. How they get the address. Plus this is not what this company sells. The package include a cooling towel. Came from
1840 E 27th St
Vernon, CA 90058 See Less

I too just received a small yellow package from "Online Seller, 8500 Logistics Airpark Drive, Louisville, KY, 40219" today. Inside was a random small brown hair tie.

The only thing I've ordered online recently was a art box set from a site called, which I am... See More starting to think is a scam. On 8/9 I received so called tracking from them but when I click on the tracking info I am forwarded to (TRACK718, global logistics track platform) and it pulls up absolutely nothing. It might be a coincidence but Logistics being in the tracking site name as well as the street address from this supposed online seller is suspect to me. So i think that site isn't real and it's part of a "brushing" scam. See Less

why report it if you or the company you work refuse to return our money ..
Reply 3 months ago
Once again what good are you to me ...rightttt? yeah I thought so ---> your company earns money by the clicks or other source I reported $29.95 scram one month ago also told the bbb and ftc but no monies arrives who is going to pay us back our money we work for or retire folks?? I promise you you don't have a answer to the question cuz my refund is over due & ladies I got a pair of the most ugly ass hahaaaa I gave them away so the person who steals from me is KARMA & it is coming baby get ready cuz I'm 110%
Reply 3 months ago
I too ordered a set of 5 dresses-not yet received.
Reply 2 months ago

I received, via US Postal service, a small approx. 4x4 packet light weigh bubble wrapped with address covered with same address as if it had been opened and resent. Inside was a piece of linen over 12 inches. Return Warehouse 746 S Glasgow Av. Inglewood CA 90301 See Less

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I ordered luggage from this company DIANZISHANGMAL HK HK 96346 and have not received it yet. They have some third party that accepts pay services@paywellem. I am going to my credit card and reverse charges. this was ordered 10/30. See Less

I ordered something from them and was charged but never received anything
Reply 17 hours ago

QVC Ceramic Christmas Trees Scam, I order ceramic Christmas trees from what was supposed to be QVC off FB the first week of August. I have never received them after much back and forth emails to what appears to be a scammers email address. After I agreed... See More to accept 60% back the email address is suddenly no longer a good address. SCAMMERS!!! See Less

Received cheep massonite ring that I did not way to return..already changed debit card out....I will be sure to dispute all charges. See Less

Ordered 2 folding tables for $75. on 09/28/23. Said they were shipped from overseas somewhere. Sent a tracking. After 20 days fake tracking said they were delivered. We never received a thing! Now they don't reply to emails. Go to their site and it says order has... See More not shipped. Got SCAMMED on this one!! Noticed on receipt they sent after order it was from "Mercyone Oakland Medical Center". Asked them about it and they did not answer the question. Calling credit card people and reporting. See Less

I received a pair of wireless earbuds yesterday fromYW Co. ltd and have no idea who this is and I never ordered this product nor did I want it. The address is: YW Co.Ltd unit#16-17,3495 Laird Road, Mississauga, Ont. L5L-5S5 See Less

Interesting... what a coincidence
Reply 3 weeks ago
-1 Reply 3 weeks ago
I got the same thing, but didn’t order either
Reply 3 weeks ago

Scam, Hartlepool, UK

2 weeks ago

PPP*HopeHole HK ordered 80%price electric scooter ON website 49.98, GBP £41.29 Non GBP trans fee CD 2.99%, £1.23 Non GBP PURCH FEE 0.50 pence, have not received scooter, says it was delivered on the 29oct from royal mail so they will be the next ear full! only... See More ever ordered small items but the minute I ordered two really good electric scooters they don't get dropped off from royal mail or AVRI, My next one is from PPP*Poawed HK don't usually get a problem these. but again ordered a good electric scooter and that was on there website 40.99, GBP £33.71, TRAN FEE 1.00 AND PURCH FEE 0.50 AGAIN not dropped off from either royal mail or ARVI was meant to be dropped off on the 20th October and just got an message from seller saying we looked on system and it seems to be a small item, but both items, two electric scooters are not small items seemed of disappear once they come through British these were for my health has I haven't been out the house since COVID becos of anxiety both scooters they were both with seats and lights on them LED colours since these were going to get me out I have difficulty walking now, this is heartbreaking from either companys, royal mail and AVRI, you order big items of electric or jewellery it gets stolen, discusting See Less

I received a package from a company called Lucia, at 4375 South Lee Street Buford Georgia. It was four small zip up boxes. Nothing inside but foam for whatever is supposed to fit in it. See Less

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