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A package I never ordered?, 555 E Orange Show Rd, San Bernardino, CA 92408, USA

1 week ago

555 East Orange Show Road, San Bernardino, 92408 California, United States

So, I work nights grab my mail got in the car went to work just got to work and I have a silk scarf? There is no shipping slip!
I'm sending it back tomorrow when I get off work! Is this a normal thing or it a scam? something for nothing If I look at my cc what will it show online seller? You know how they got the information to send it to me do you have any kind of information about what's going on I see a lot of people are having things sent to them but it looks like they've ordered something from them who is it they're ordering from can I know that to protect myself???Thank you so much for your help!!

I'm in San Leandro, CA, USA.


So strange, ha!? We just received a cheap pair of post earings that we never ordered from the same address. I wanted to know if you recently ordered anything from ebay that you haven't received? I have a feeling these people are collecting money from your ordering something from them on e bay and they shipping you any random piece of crap.
Reply 1 week ago

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Received a moissanite ring with shipping from address as 29180 Jupiter Rd Garland Texas 75041. Not sure where it's from or why See Less

Omg!! As did I. Idk what to think or do.
Reply 22 hours ago
I just got the same ring delivered from Texas! I didn't order this. Last month (around Feb. 20) I ordered leather bags and a leather portfolio from I tracked the order to Los Angeles, CA where the package disappeared. I emailed the company twice, never got a reply. Then I did some research about the company and found out they are a scam. Now the ring arrived in the mail but it came from Texas, same address as the one in the photo (in fact everything is the same in the photo except the one who received it). So...not sure what to do either. I had already called my credit card company and told them what had happened to me, and they got the charge reversed. Not sure what comes next.
Reply 21 hours ago
Does anyone have an answer of what to do??
Reply 21 hours ago
The same thing happened to me. I received the same ring today although I never ordered it. Although I ordered a bunch of things from a place called umbrace. Emailed them 3 times and they say it’s on its way. After reading all these posts I called my credit card company, who closed my account, and will be disputing the charge and a refund issued. Apparently this is now a common scam.
Reply 20 hours ago
Same thing happened to me this week. Gives me the creeps. CNN says to inform local police, NOT through 911, and Amazon & eBay
-1 Reply 19 hours ago
I rcvd the Same TACKY, CHEAP, SCAM RING, as well. How did "They" get my info😬
Reply 13 hours ago
Reply 11 hours ago
I received the same ring on 03/24/23 from the WORTHYING company, my order was placed on 09/01/23 and I just saw from the tracking of my packages that I ordered bags and I received the ring that I did not order, it is a real one fraud. I'm so angry we're going to sue them, it's not worth it if they want to scam us
Reply 11 hours ago
I received tthe same package0n 3/ 25/2023 didn`t order this item.
Reply 6 hours ago
I received product that I didn’t morder don’t have no use for them See Less

i disputed a fraudulent charge from a fake car parts site and i got these supplements as well, they charged $250 for them. today i got a "cartier" ring from garland TX
Reply 16 hours ago
Received what looked like a legitimate USPS white plastic sleeve envelope in the mail on 03/20/2023. I did not order this package. It contained 2 peppermints and a small card that read "Thank you for your purchase." When I Google the Shippers 618 dresden address in louieville,... See More it just shows a house for sale. Now I'm reading it's actually out of Brooklyn? What are we all supposed to do besides try not to be paranoid about ever ordering anything ever again online See Less

Same ring ordered clothing from Nordstrom & got ring from GRA. My return address is just "Jane". Things like this scare me to death. I live on a very low income.
Reply 14 hours ago
I recieved a scarf in the mail unordered. Picking off the mailing label found the tracking number for a laser I had ordered. Occurre out of UK is scamming people off of social media and gaming ads. Carson is just a distributor in a rented warehouse. Lesson learned. (The scarf cost me $50) See Less

I also received a scarf I did not order from this address who is this obviously its a scam
Reply 23 hours ago
Me too! A scarf I did not order!
Reply 22 hours ago
I got a scarf too and had to pay $4.75 for shipping.
Reply 1 hour ago
I ordered clothes from, and received this ring from Tevin James, in San Gabriel CA. I ordered yhe clothes February 23, and still have not received them. The tracking info on the clothes does not match the tracking number on the ring package. I l

I... See More did not order a ring BUT I did order $42 worth of clothes from TEMN shop, which I thought was part of TEMU. I have ordered from TEMU before and always got my order. I want this refunded and reported as a scam. See Less

I received a package on 2-22-2023 containing a very colorful necktie that I did not order with USPS Tracking #9400 1361 0515 5563 52****. I just did not order. The first package arrived from 2125 W. San Bernardino Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408. I just received another... See More package from an online seller from 20526 59th Pl S, Kent, WA 98032. See Less

Package sent by USPS. Was expecting some dressings ordered by homecare. Had postage due of $4.75. Opened package to find a scarf I did not order. Company used a tracking label that had been previously used. Out $ for something I didn't order and can't send back.

I'm in Canton See Less

On Tuesday afternoon and evening the powerful storm slammed into the San Francisco and Monterey bay areas, toppling trees and power lines, and cutting power to tens of thousands of customers. Statewide, more than 200,000 customers were without power Tuesday evening, down from nearly 250,000 earlier.

Outage... See More link:
Published: 2023-03-21
See Less

I received a horse picture silk scarf that I did not order. It came from 555 E. Orange Show Rd. San Bernadino CA. I don't know what to do with it. I'm going to contact Amazon to see if this place is really theirs. I'm in Albany,... See More NY. Chatted with a woman from Amazon who confirmed that place is an Amazon Fulfillment Center. She told me to keep or donate the scarf. See Less

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I ordered clothes but never received them. My account was instantly debited from the purchase amount and I received informational emails as if the transaction was reliable. For a month, I was able to follow a false itinerary of the package which finally informed me that it... See More was delivered. When I wanted to report the non-reception, the site is closed. There is no contact number. See Less

I am reporting a scan. March 2, 2023 — I received pink ear muffs from online seller 8120 Humble Westfield Rd Humble TX and I didn't order it.

I'm in Mckinney, TX See Less

Did you order something on Facebook? I got ear muffs also after ordering a laser engraving device on FB.
Reply 3 weeks ago
OMG I got the same earmuffs when I ordered the engraver also. I fought them to get my refund.
Reply 2 weeks ago
Me too
Reply 2 weeks ago
I ordered an Indoor Music Boxing 3 piece set on Sunday 24 November 2022. I have not received this item and I would like a full refund. See Less

I recieved a pair of fake Ray Ban sun glass I did not order and I dont see anything on my credit card statement , whats going on. I'm pissed off, I dont see the point of the glasses, I don't see a charge on my credit... See More card for 163. I did not order the glasses , this game needs to stop

I'm in Burney
See Less

Received a ring i never ordered from Tevin James shoptify

I'm in Orlando See Less

SCAM. Check your credit card bills, call your credit card/bank, they will put a hold on charges while they investigate, then return your money. The scam is either "brushing" (look it up), or maybe you ordered one of those "Amazon pallets" (total SCAM.) Senders are from China to spoofed addresses (such as Amazon, in Kent Wash.)
Reply 1 week ago
You paid for scooter and never received anything. As a single mom with my son's birthday this week is very disappointing and sad lost my money
I paid online $69 for an electric scooter for my son's birthday and never received updates or the scooter. I don't... See More know how recover my money.
See Less

I ordered grow boxes, said they were on sale, buy one get one free, shipping was free, got an email from Inacool that said my order was getting ready to ship, when i used the tracking number it was supposed to be at post office. Post office... See More has no large packing for me, but I got a sif scarf in the mail yesterday 3/20/23 from Carson, 2101 W Lake St., Addison IL,,60101 See Less

I never ordered this ring Free ring like others on this site red box from Tevin James. I've made no other orders there's no reason this should have come. Also the GRA certificate and card was included. What kind of scam is this. See Less

Yes it's a scam you actually ordered something else and what ever it was it never came in and instead you received a ring they then use delivery receipt to the cheap item and not what you actually ordered to then write fake reviews so they can scam more people! Happened to me too except with pair of gloves! I actually ordered 3 raised galvanized steel garden beds for 75$ which never came and they instead purchased a 1$ pair of gloves and sent me those under different company name and then kept the difference in $ and used the delivery retro post more fake reviews to scam more people. Think about what you ordered that never came in!! Mine was on marketplace on facebook ad.
1 Reply 1 week ago
Unordered Package, 20526 59th Pl S, Kent, WA 98032, USA Received a package I did not order, wooden spoon and a set of chop stix in a container. I have checked my bank account and my cc nothing has been charged. I will be vigilant and deny... See More any charges that this company tries to make on any of my accounts. See Less

SCAM. Check your bank statement. Call your visa card/bank, report it as fraud. They will investigate, reverse your charges. This is either "brushing" (look it up), or you ordered something that's actually fake, or maybe one of those phony "Amazon Pallets" which are PURE SCAMS!
Reply 3 weeks ago
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