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Sheetz #340, 1007 Philpott Road, South Boston, Virginia 24592, USA

Latest report: October 13, 2020 12:00 PM

Covid-19 OSHA Complaint

3 years ago

Employee tested positive for coronavirus. Sheetz did not shut down for cleaning. They told others not to be concerned and they did not need to be tested. Employee that tested positive came to work sick and got sent home exposing other employees.

Alleged Hazards: 1, Employees Exposed:... See More 12
Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-07-09
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Employee test positive for Covid-19

3 years ago

An employees at the South Boston Sheetz on Philpott Road has tested positive for COVID-19

Source: See Less

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Papa johns is not protecting their employees from COVID. I just got COVID and strep tested and it came back positive for both. They immediately told me to come back to work. This is completely unsanitary and unsafe for employees and customers. They are not following protocols... See More due COVID -19 and are disregarding everything just to have the correct amount of staffing. See Less

Floor cracks are getting wider and destroying our PIT equipment, walls are uneven and mold is at an all time high as employees struggle to breathe comfortably in the warehouse. Mold in floor cracks and between walls and boxes. Low quality concrete floor unsafe to support 6 ton PIT. See Less

I started feeling symptoms yesterday morning after eating at this location in Dunn. The location was very dirty and none of the people wore masks. I have had to cancel my driver's test, dentist appointment, doctor's appointment and several other events. | Symptoms: Other See Less

I was staying at a shelter in Lockport Cares and there was a Christian pastor at the shelter. Guess again. I dialed an ubulanxe to go to the hospital because my teeth were bleeding.and I was coughing up blood. The woman told me I should not stay... See More at Lockport Cares because I called an ambulance to go to the hospital.

I assume Lockport cares is possibly food poisoning people. Lockport cares gives you bag lunches , breakfast and dinner.

For 2 nights there is always corn or brownies during Bible study at 8pm at night.

I'm not allowed back because I claaid they were food poisoning people
I told the police when I dialed the ambulance.

My blood sugar was low and I was coughing up blood and my teeth were bleeding.

Warning. Lockport Cares does food poisoning

Also there is a hazard for COVID 19. The manager allows COVID 19 positive to stay there without mandatory mask
You are not required to wear mask indoors.amd of you are positive for covid 19, you are not required to wear a mask. There is a woman positive for covid 10 not wearing a mask everyday spreading her disease. Lockport Cares allows kids and married couples to stay the night also.

Lockport cares should be shut down for biohazard. Covid positive wear no masks. A mask is not required for covid positive people.

Warning. | Symptoms: Cough
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After one employee came down with only two of management staff got tested, kept it between themselves, did not inform anyone. Now we have 6 employees with COVID that I know of and upper management is handling this incorrectly. Employees working within 6 feet and mask usage... See More is not enforced.

Alleged Hazards: 2, Employees Exposed: 20
Source: | Receipt Date: 2021-03-23
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I received the pfizer vaccine on 1-6-2021 where I work-CVS came and administered the vaccine 1. I had taken a Ibuprofen before I took the shot and it was only mild soreness in my upper arm where the location of the shot was given. The next day... See More my arm was better so very mild soreness. I did not get sick or have any side effects. I checked my temperature throughout the course of 3 days after the vaccine and did not run a fever at all. No dizziness, no headache, no stomach ache. Only mild arm sore the day of and day after the vaccine. | Symptoms: Soreness See Less

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9208 Charles Smith Ave.
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SCAM, South Africa

2 weeks ago

I ordered on an online store 2 Ted Barker handbags & my order & payment went through but I have not received any email or any tracking number about my order See Less

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