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Wintrust Bank - Sauganash, West Peterson Avenue, Chicago, IL, USA
Walked in. Teller had mask on only over nose. She pulled it up as we approached. The other teller was masked, but this one was reckless and didn't care that co-workers and customers had to breathe in her disgusting breath? I asked a very simple account question and was told to talk to a personal banker. I turned to where she pointed and there sat an unmasked elderly female employee. As I approached her I said put on your mask. She replied that the little plastic partition was enough. I looked at her very shocked and she put on her mask. I refused to sit at her guest chair as it was within about 2 feet of her reckless, unmasked exhaling just moments before. She then immediately took pf her.mask, again putting her co-workers and me at risk, as well as anyone entering. Do they not know about aerosol spread? Needless to say we are closing both we have accounts there.
— Reported By User October 12, 2020 6:24 PM