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Get alerts and updates for your case! Your contact information is not shown on the website.

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received a package I didn't order, 14900 Frye Rd, Fort Worth, TX, USA

1 week ago

14900 Frye Road, Fort Worth, 76155 Texas, United States

I received a package from 14900 Frye Rd Fort Worth TX and I didn't order it My landlord said I received a package in the mail it was a compact with 2 mirrors inside I'm in Cambridge, MN

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I received a Moissanite engagement ring in the mail that I didn't order on St. Patty's Day, just sitting on my doorstep all willy nilly! Shockingly it was a perfect fit, and I have an unusual sized ring finger. Firstly, I'm thinking who does that? Who sends... See More anything valuable without having the receiver sign for it? Furthermore, who'd send me a ring rather than presenting it to me? I noticed typos and grammatical errors on the supposed warranty certificate so that also made me question validity. I was going to take the ring to be appraised but now I'll forego that embarrassment. Oddly enough, having read other reports I now know how my info was obtained....smh See Less

I order a treadmill and I got a scarf, Yogi See Less

I got the same scarf
Reply 1 hour ago
I received the same scarf but I ordered to hippie shirts and was charged.
Reply 45 minutes ago
A ring was delivered to me from Jane, 14915 177th st, ste 202, Jamaica NY 11434 delivered to me on March 20, 2023. This package was not ordered by me or anyone I know, A ring was delivered to me 3/20/23 along with a authenticity certificate
I'm in Lititz, PA See Less

I received a order from them and I have no idea what they are. I didn’t order anything, on top of that the post office said that the labels are counterfeit. I had to pay a shipping fee.

All I want to know is how I can... See More get my money back. I’m keeping the pkg until I figure out who and how much money I’m actually out.

I'm located in Seguin, TX, USA
See Less

false/scam advertisement
I ordered an electric bike. I did not receive tracking number or email confirmation.
and See Less

I am so happy, I'm a living testimony. I got my blank ATM card last week
from William scot hackers. At first when I applied I was in doubt, I asked
my friend if she knows anything about the blank card she said no and that I
should be very careful because of scammers.
Then I decided to give it a trial to my surprise the card was delivered, I
went testing it on the ATM machine I was shocked when I use it to withdraw
$3000 and now I have withdraw $20000 in total.
The card is real, I'm so happy thank you William scot hackers.
If interested you can email
WhatsApp on +1(347) 593-8976
-1 Reply 12 hours ago
Are you providing cards?
Reply 12 hours ago
I ordered a treadmill on 3/6/2023 from fb web site,just find it it was a scam.I'm so mad and to late to cancel my bank said
I ordered a treadmill on fb web site and find out it was a scam an can't get my money my bank said to late maked the order on 3/6/23 See Less

had this happen to me- my bank returned it without a problem
Reply 1 day ago
Severe weather and high winds have caused power outages across many North Texas homes. As of 10 p.m., there are about 16,000 people without power. They are mainly in the Fort Worth and Irving area.

Outage link:
Published: 2023-03-16 See Less

I did not order anything from Online Seller 700 Westport Pkwy, Fort Worth Tx 76177. Appears to be a scarf?
USPS tracking 9400 1362 0204 3703 **** **

I'm in Duluth See Less

Did you order something off of Instagram? its a SCAM
Reply 6 days ago

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I received a ring in the mail that I did not order. I did order some stuff from over Facebook advertisement that I never received so not sure which of the two companies has scammed me See Less

They work in tandem. Call your credit card company regarding the place you ordered from and dispute the charge then cancel that card and have a new one issued with a different number.
Reply 5 days ago
I received a moissanite ring I did not order. Don’t know what to do with it See Less

I did too. It's definittly not a Moissanite. Look at the band-it is one you can change the size. No Moissanite would come in that..I keep watching my credit cards. all is well so far.Zee
Reply 5 days ago
I didn’t order this two bottles how can I send it back

I'm in Richmond See Less

Don't worry about sending it back...just protect yourself from whatever it is!
-1 Reply 3 weeks ago
SCAMMERS. It's either "brushing," where they're trying to finagle extra "verified reviews," or, more likely, you ordered something like one of those "Amazon pallets," which are scams. Call your Visa card/bank and report it as fraudulent. They will open an investigation and reverse the charges, as they did for me.
Reply 3 weeks ago
I received a wrong item (baby head gear), from 2125 W San Bernardino Ave, San Bernardino, CA 92408, USA which I did not ordered. In fact I ordered for a an extendable lap top screen, through Ileana stores, via Pinterest.

I'm in Tuskegee See Less

I have a problem with us kelkong who is now everytime I try logging in says caution attackers might tto and steal information..I can no longer find anything. Ordered on two separate occasions with packages saying delivered but have most definitely not delivered and cash app... See More is denying my disputes saying nothing looked wrong even though I've given screen shots of everything they could or would possible need See Less

Q: I didn't receive my equipment, I only received the metro gummies
I ordered equipment for Ardo Mínales and some keto gummies I only received the gummies called they don't answer today to report to my credit card. See Less

I have received two cheap rings from this "Online Seller". I did not order them, and do not see any charges to my accounts. Where is this coming from and why??? I'm in Michigan See Less

I received a pair of glasses that says spy's plus on inside it says block and I did not order these and only has a return label.

I'm in Florida See Less

I received sunglasses today. Same address. I am in Minnesota
Reply 5 days ago
We received the same cheap pair of sunglasses. The way it worked in our case was that my wife had ordered some chair linens from Amazon. The seller obviously sent a cheap "substitute" in place of the more expensive item. However, Amazon gets the notification that the original item was received by us and the order was fulfilled. After contacting Amazon, they refunded the money and traced it to a seller that had all "zero" reviews over the last 12-months for substituting merchandise. How is it Amazon cannot screen these sellers on their own? Good luck everyone!
Reply 13 hours ago
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