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I've been getting these pills They are withdrawing money out of my bank account., North Carolina, USA

1 week ago

North Carolina, United States

Somebody keeps sending me these pills from that address and I don't want them and I want my money back whatever I've been taking it out of my Account


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I did not order a ring, from Tevin James ~8955 Duarte Road, San Gabriel, CA, USA ,but I did order some shirts from an online store but I received this RGA ring instead of the shirts! ~BIG SCAM !!

I'm in Bellmore, NY, USA. See Less

I received a 2 ounce tub of pure glo moisturizer/anti aging cream a.05 pump of hydration eye cream and a .05 pump of vitamin e cream I did not order and now I’m on my third shipment of this no packing slip to return or require what’s happening
Reply 6 hours ago
I did order from a Honda eu 2200 I generator from Facebook Marketplace and what I did received were sunglasses which I didn’t order. See Less

I received a Moissanite ring from JANE in J amaica NY with a certificate from GRA which I did not order. I am assuming this is connected to an order I placed with Macy's store and never received the merchandise I ordered. No statement or invoice was... See More sent from JANE and I have no knowledge of this company. See Less

Yep this is the same thing happened to me!
Reply 3 hours ago
Scam of Jimmy Chou and fake RayBan sunglasses
I ordered 2 planters from an add on facebook appearing it was through home depot from craftsman-buy. I was sent a knock-off pair of RayBan sunglasses instead and after communicating with them through their email address of over... See More several days and from internet research realized this was a total scam. Do your research before ordering online and verify it has nothing to do with Jimmy chou. See Less

I ordered the planters also and received a pair of sunglasses. I emailed them and all they would do is refund 20% of my order and keep the sunglasses.
Reply 6 hours ago
I ordered the planter box $49.98 with a buy one get one offer...too good to be true. it was a birthday gift for my son. He received EARMUFFS! cant reach anyone. I am furious! See Less

I ordered the planters also and received a pair of sunglasses. I emailed them and all they would do is refund 20% of my order and keep the sunglasses.
Reply 6 hours ago
I ordered the planters also, and received two tiny packages of seeds and instructions on how to plant them from that address. (I don’t even think they are really the seeds they say they are.) This is crazy!
Reply 4 hours ago
I order a treadmill and I got a scarf, Yogi See Less

I got the same scarf
Reply 19 hours ago
I received the same scarf but I ordered to hippie shirts and was charged.
Reply 18 hours ago
I just recieved that same scarf 3/22/23
Reply 16 hours ago
Grifton drops boil water notice following testing. The town issued a system pressure advisory on Friday following word of a water leak at Queen Street and South Highland Boulevard.

Published: 2023-03-21 See Less

Hendersonville's water department on Monday afternoon lifted a boil water advisory it had issued Saturday when an 8-inch water main broke. The outage affected 154 homes in Claremont, Kingcrest and Cobblestone.

Published: 2023-03-21 See Less

A boil water advisory has been issued for the Cobblestone, Claremont and Kingscrest subdivisions of Flat Rock. Crews are working to repair a 8 inch main line break. Once water is restored, customers will be under the advisory until further notice. This affects approximately 154 Customers.

Source:... See More
Published: 2023-03-18
See Less

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I ordered raised garden beds and received 2 weeks later a pair of winter gloves that I did not order!
I ordered thru a company listed on marketplace they had closing sale or something they were selling nice wood and galvanized steel raised garden beds! I ordered... See More 3! Roughly $70-$75 after everything. So couple weeks later I received a pair of black winter gloves I NEVER ORDERED was so confused how this company got my name and info to send a package i never ordered I was so creeped out. Well come to find out the fraud scammers who scammed me out of $75 from my purchase of the raised beds that never came so I began researching to see if it happened to anyone else and in Florida I believe governor opened up investigation on this exact scam! Buying something receiving unordered package in mail they pocket the difference from what it cost to buy and send that little item you didnt order and they use the delivery receipt of unordered item to post fake verified purchase reviews on their site to scam more people!!!! Its so wrong and they need to be stopped!!!! A lot of people are not putting 2 and 2 together so they have no idea they're connected!! But they are they scammed so many people I'm reading so many reviews people not sure why the unordered package comes in but it's a scam you wont recieve an order you ordered instead u got this! See Less

Same thing happened to me here in Az. Ordered holiday yard deco received 2 pairs of socks
Reply 4 days ago
Wow. These things are really opening my eyes to the predators out there. I’m hesitant on ordering anything on line. 😑
Reply 3 days ago
Received a pair of black aviator Ray Bans that I didn’t order. The invoice inside said it was ordered off the web. Said payment was a Visa. I didn’t order these and there was nothing taken out of my account. I’m going to track the package. See Less

I ordered a chicken coop via FB Market Place pop-up App. The deal was too good to be true. I received this exact package instead. It’s a Chinese scam, they use USPS to deliver cheap merchandise, instead of something you ordered online. These people had a website set up, return policy, contact, information, everything. Very skilled scam
Reply 1 week ago
I can't find the charge on my cc. So are they going to use the card information to continue to scam? Perhaps change my CC #?
Reply 1 week ago
I got two packages also. did they charge you
Reply 1 week ago
Received package I did not order a scarf maybe silk or linen. From online seller 3837 Bay Lake Trail #113 North Lad Vegas NV 89030
Mailed in plastic mailing envelope arrived March 10,2023

I'm in Davis, CA See Less

I just got the same thing
Reply 6 days ago
I rec'd Keto advance and Keto Gummies which i didn't order as I cannot take them due to a recent kidney transplant. Please stop all deliveries of this product. This is ridiculous. What a scam.

I'm in Waterford Township See Less

This is sick I received instead of Willowtree statues for $46.17
Recieved 2 pairs of socks I didn’t order from them! See Less

That’s scary…that’s what I ordered as well…Willowtree statues. Instead I got two pair of sport socks not worth the postage it must have cost to ship them. Outlet Deals is the company. Starting to think I’ve been scammed for over $36.
Reply 3 weeks ago
I just received two pairs of cheap socks instead of the two Willowtree Figures I ordered. I have contacted my credit card company to stop payment.
Reply 3 weeks ago
I have contacted USPS. the Mailers Package ID is QHXHX022400****YQ. The USPS tracking # is 9214 4903 2450 2971 0000 **** **. There is no label or manufacturer lable anywhere on the sweatshirt, no receipt or packing slip in the package.
From someone named Jane 371 Little... See More Falls Rd, Unit 4, Cedar Grove, New Jersey, 07009 See Less

SCAM. Check your credit card bills, call your credit card/bank, they will put a hold on charges while they investigate, then return your money. The scam is either "brushing" (look it up), or maybe you ordered one of those "Amazon pallets" (total SCAM.) Senders are from China to spoofed addresses (such as Amazon, in Kent Wash.)
Reply 5 days ago
If so many people are claiming fraud, then why is someone NOT INVESTIGATING this issue? I order various things and almost always end up with something different. I’ve received Ray-Ban glasses, Earmuffs, Toys and today a worn baseball.

I'm in Blair See Less

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