Delay in the arrival of my purchase., Nova Sintra, Brava, Cabo Verde

1 year ago reported by user-zwxvy181

Delay in the arrival of my purchase., Nova Sintra, Brava, Cabo Verde

Nova Sintra, Brava, Cabo Verde

I want to know what´s going on with my purchase.

#onlineshopping #scam #delivery #onlinescam #novasintra #brava #cv

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Not the same as advertised, New Orleans, LA, USA

8 hours ago reported by user-ybpyc327

I order two of the nano tech bullet proof vest, when it arrived the material was a thin allistic material and not seeing hours this material could stop any for arm nor knife stabbing.. I want the correct item or my money back!! But it came from Heathers Morty’s out of Union City, New Jersey 07087

#scam #neworleans #louisiana #us

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Scam Alert, Thurmont, MD, USA

3 weeks ago reported by user-ryxq7747

I received the wrong order from your company and would like a refund for what I did receive which was a hairpiece with no bangs. What I ordered was a hairpiece with bangs. The price was $22.98 with shipping and handling $4.99. The total cost and refund … See More
should be $27.97. My order number is 03920671****.
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#onlineshopping #scam #uspostalservice #onlinescam #delivery #thurmont #maryland #us

In direct response to the Nurse Assist, LLC voluntary product recall initiated on November 6, 2023, for saline and sterile water medical products, Medline Industries, LP initiated a nationwide recall on November 15, 2023, for its Medline and Centurion branded convenience kits containing Nurse Assist 0.9% Sodium … See More
Chloride Irrigation USP and Sterile Water for Irrigation USP. The Nurse Assist recall was issued due to the potential for a lack of sterility, which could result in non-sterile products. Medline Industries, LP has received one adverse event associated with product manufactured by Nurse Assist.

Water-based medical products that are non-sterile and potentially contaminated could cause serious or life-threatening infections, including bloodstream, urinary tract, open wound/soft tissue, and respiratory infections. Patients who are elderly, critically ill, have weak immune systems (including newborn infants, pregnant women, and cancer patients), or have chronic diseases are particularly at risk of infection. However, other patients could also develop infections after exposure to contaminated water-based medical products.

The recall affects Medline and Centurion convenience kits that may be used at home by patients, caregivers, and home health providers, as well as convenience kits that may be used in medical settings for surgery or other medical procedures. Recalled kits include, but are not limited to, wound care kits, tracheostomy kits and catheter kits. A detailed list of recalled Medline and Centurion convenience kits, as well as an example of product labeling, can be found in the link below.

Consumers who have recalled product should stop using the product and contact Medline immediately.

Medline Industries, LP notified its direct distributors and consumers of the Nurse Assist recall by First Class Mail and email on 11/16/23, upon receipt of initial recall notification from Nurse Assist. Customers who received the recalled product were given instructions to quarantine all affected products immediately and provide Medline with a response regarding the affected quantity on hand. Upon confirmation of the affected quantity, Medline provided customers with over-labels to place on the affected inventory, with instructions for staff to remove the affected component before using the kit. The recall notification also instructed distributors and those who resold or transferred affected product to another company or individuals to notify their customers of this recall notification.

In case you experience harm from this product, it is important to report it. It can help to detect & resolve issues and prevent others from being harmed, and it enables better surveillance. If symptoms persist, seek medical care.

Company name: Medline Industries, LP
Brand name: Medline and Centurion
Product recalled: Convenience kits
Reason of the recall: The potential for a lack of sterility
FDA Recall date: April 08, 2024

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#medicaldevices #recall #us

Received a little package w a bracelet in it today. No letter, no receipt, just a random plastic bracelet.

#unorderedpackage #delivery #125jacksonavenue #edison #newjersey #us



I just received the exact same thing! What does it mean?



Me too, just arrived today



Me too!!!!! I’m scared 😭 what’s it mean?!



Me too! WTH?



Me too. Just arrived.


Scam KetoGenesis Las Vegas, Titusville, FL, USA

1 week ago reported by user-vxnbm942

I ordered 1 bottle for $39.99 to try. I was sent 5 bottles of gummies & 2 bottles of cleanse. I was charged $59.99 and $197 on my CC. Have not found a way to contact these people. I closed my CC and will try disputing the charge.

#ketogummiesscam #onlineshopping #scam #delivery #onlinescam #titusville #florida #us

I got a package i didnt order from a known scam artist.
I received a package of small circuits for a model aurplane from Donna Robinson 12800 aldine westfield rd in houston. Did nit irder this. Never heard of her. Not sure how she got my name … See More
and address. Very peculiar. I heard its a scam.
Package came from 12800 aldine westfield hiuston. Im in tyler tx
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#unorderedpackage #delivery #12800aldinewestfieldroad #houston #texas #us

With the arrival of spring, there's a rise in international travelers approaching residents with offers of home improvement work. Historically, Boston residents have spent substantial amounts—up to tens of thousands of dollars—on services like masonry, driveway paving, chimney, basement, roofing, and fence repairs, often ending up with … See More
further damage or negligible improvements. Initially quoted at around $1,500 for paving or masonry work, these scams can quickly spiral, with claims of foundation damage leading to costs of $20,000 to $30,000 for structural engineering consultations. To avoid falling prey to such scams, residents are advised to be vigilant. Common tactics employed by these scammers include::

· Door-to-Door Solicitation – Paper flyers with uninspired business names (A1 Paving, City & Town Paving, etc.)

· Will offer discounts because of “left over materials” from neighborhood jobs

· High Pressure – will exaggerate need for work to be done immediately

· After initial work may show threatening or intimidating demeanor

· They will ask checks be made out to them individually and not the company name

Residents should know many of these individuals are traveling to the US under a program that DOES NOT allow them to work during their 90-day visit. Most of the scammers identified are traveling from Ireland and the United Kingdom. Residents are also reminded much of the work being done by these scammers require City of Boston Building Permits. In addition, the companies are not registered with the City or State and may have a recently established website.

Any unknown person approaching you to do ANY work on your home should be viewed as a potential scammer. Residents who feel they have been victimized should contact their local police district and provide as much information as possible including vehicles and plates.

Remember, for any work on your property you should obtain a minimum of two estimates from reputable companies who will carry the appropriate insurance, licenses, apply for the appropriate permits and provide references and coverage to you for their work after completion.

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#scam #boston #massachusetts #us

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