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Forney, TX, USA
Good news guys. They got me too. I filed a complaint with Pay Pal and I just got my $19.95 back through a dispute resolution with Pay Pal. There is what I told them in my dispute. Feel free to copy and paste.
I want to point out why what you are doing is fraud and why I will be posting your information on every anti scam site I can find and reporting you to the US Postal Inspector.

First- That piece of junk you sent is not worth close to $19.98. I have been in the hardware and camping supply business for years and that thing sells for less that $5 in any store that sells camping supplies. Here is a link on Amazon where I can buy TWO of the exact same saws you are shipping for $4.95
SKEMIX 2 Pack Survival Stainless Steel Hand Pocket Wire Saw Outdoor Emergency Rescue Gear Kit for Camping Hiking Hunting - Silver

Second - Your offer that you sent to people on Facebook that lured them to your site was not for a cable camp saw, it was for an battery powered mini chain saw. The link to the page says so.

Third - Your advertisement was patently false. This is on your web page " 🔥🔥😍We will sell 120 sets at the lowest price. We will give a VIP gift to the first 120 customers. We will send an email to you. Whether you will become the lucky one" On that page you state that there were 120 battery powered saws available for a promotional price of $19.99 and that I would be notified if I was to receive one. As you have this written, If I was NOT going to receive the battery powered saw, you should have never charged my Pay Pay account AT ALL.

Fourth - I placed this order in APRIL. If I did not get on of the 120 sets at the promotional price, I would have to assume that they were already given away. If that is the case Why is the page still up with the same offer over a month later? Because you are running a fraudulent business, that's why.

This is what I got back from the seller at the beginning...
Amphitrite Technology Limited
June 2, 2021 at 9:59:07 PM CDT

Dear Customer, Hope you everything goes well. Checking to the order details, there are several options on the product page. The one you ordered was for the chain accessories only. We sell the chainsaw as well with the cost $79.99 which is also explained in detail on our website page, you can go for verification. In order to appreciate your purchase on our website, we can provide you 10% refund . Hope you can understand. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Best wishes, Customer Service Center.
This is total BS, Their sales page does say that they are only selling 120 of the saws at $19.95, but if that is true, why didn't they take it down once they were sold out and why is is it still there today? Also, they claim the saws are shipping from Canada (the came from China), and they offered a 30 day no excuse refund policy which they are also refusing to honor.
— Reported By User June 4, 2021 9:54 AM