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4 months ago
For the past year, almost all personal or holiday cards sent through USPS in Clifton, NJ have been opened and checks, money, or lottery tickets have been removed. The opened envelopes (sometimes torn) are then delivered. Whether the destination is in-state or out-of-state, if mailed in Clifton, envelopes are opened or never arrive. However, if mailed in any town other than Clifton, envelopes arrive at their stated destination and are always intact. Almost all of this mail passes through the Daniels Sectional facility, but only mail sent through Clifton disappears or is vandalized. Many individuals are experiencing problems, which include stealing and modifying checks with attempts to cash them. Bills went unpaid because the checks never arrived. Dusturbingly, a check was removed from a birthday card deposited in the mailbox directly outside the Post Office at 1114 Main Avenue.
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