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Company name: Tenacore LLC
Brand name: Tenacore LLC
Product recalled: 2001 Tenacore Replacement CareFusion Alaris 8100 bezels
Reason of the recall: Potentially weakened elastic
FDA Recall date: April 19, 2021
Recall details: Company Announcement On February 24th, 2021, Tenacore LLC initiated a nationwide recall of 2001 Tenacore replacement CareFusion Alaris 8100 bezels due to potentially weakened plastic. A bezel with weakened plastic may, over time, lead to separation of the bezel post (recall issue) as well as other damage to the bezel (e.g., external cracking). The separation of one or more bezel posts may result in free flow, over infusion, under infusion or interruption of infusion. There is a related recall initiated by Becton Dickinson (BD). Information regarding that recall can be found using the following link: Becton Dickinson (BD) (CareFusion 303, Inc.) Recalls Alaris Pump Module Model 8100 Bezel Assembly Which Could Result in Free Flow, Over-Infusion, Under-Infusion, or Interruption of Infusion | FDA Consumers who have: Tenacore bezel parts (part number TIPA-8100-4410) with timestamp 5 and/or timestamp 6 should stop the distribution and use of these and return them to Tenacore LLC.
Alaris 8100 units that were serviced by Tenacore, or purchased from Tenacore between July 2020 and Feb 2020, should be inspected per the instructions described below to ensure that your device is not impacted. If it is, please return your device to Tenacore LLC.
Recalled bezels were manufactured from May 2020 to June 2020 and distributed from July 2020 through Feb 2021. The following products have been recalled:
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Source: FDA