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Lynchburg, VA, USA
Yes. I also ordered the GTA 26 battery-powered electric chainsaw. I got the chain with handles. I was bantering back and forth with Chinese agent, who really does not know what to do except to try and get more money from me for an inferior chainsaw for $6. I ordered a GTA 26 chainsaw, Stihl brand. I got the hand chainsaw (had never heard of using a chain by hand, but it is an actual thing). I don't think you can convert the hand chainsaw to using it with an actual chain saw anyway. The Chinese agent is trying appease me by saying I can get a chainsaw to use with the chain for $60. The website he sent me show a completely different chainsaw for 29.99 and he sent the actual picture of the
— Reported By User April 22, 2021 10:09 AM