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Ralphs, East Foothill Boulevard, Arcadia, CA, USA
Symptoms: Other
I ordered Softsoap Antibacterial Kitchen Fresh Hands hand soap from here through Postmates. I was my hands with it and got hand injury from the edta causing chealation (making metals come out of the body) and pricks from staph bacteria S Aureus (which has a decomp smell). S Aureus is also a cause of shingles disease. I tried to use Amazon hand sanitizer to disinfect it and it had a chemical reaction causing more pricks. The next day my hand was still injured with small holes and a burn mark.

If you have this injury then you can use a dishwashing soap to clean it.

You can report your injury to the FDA report so companies or people don’t hurt you anymore.

Be careful if you smell decomp smell that’s S Aureus. It’s in food like Yoshinoya.
— Reported By User June 1, 2021 7:42 PM