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Halal Food Truck, Charlotte, NC, USA
Symptoms: Skin Rash
My roommate and i went to get a quick bite to eat from there. Went home and ate and about 30-45 mins afterwards i noticed what felt like multiple mosquito bites itching in multiple areas of my worries i thought that mosquito must've gotten me pretty good! Wasnt til about 4 or 5 am i got up to use the restroom and still itching but severly this my surprise when i walked into the bathroom and cut on the lights i could clearly see these arent mosquito bites!! My entire body was covered in hives!!! Im pretty sure its an allergic reaction to the special "red sauce" they use in their food.. Anyone know what that sauce is? Steer clear when ordering!! Ive broken out twice in 24hrs!!!!
— Reported By User August 22, 2020 10:30 PM