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St. George, UT, USA
I purchased the portable carbon steel chain from Blackcass. When going to their site, It looks like you are getting the Chain saw and are advertising it for $29.99 When in reality you are purchasing the chain for $29.99. They do advertise that you are getting the chain and not the chainsaw, but make it look like you are getting the saw. When you look at the ad it is very deceiving. I do realize that I did not pay attention when I pushed the buy button. They do say 100% money back guarantee, but do not honor that when you try to return the item. I keep contacting the company. First they offered me the saw at a discount price. Second they offered me 10% of my money back. Then 12% then 15% twice. They keep saying that not to return the item until they give me the return address. They have not yet sent me the return address. I have a friend that says they wait to send me the return address until it is too late to send it to them because they give you 30 days to return the item. They have not yet sent me the address. I just want to send it back. I have contacted paypal and they say there is nothing they can do. I have contacted yt network technology which is the company that paypal says I purchased the item from. I have only heard from them 1 time and sent them the information that they asked for, but have not heard back. What do I do? Can this company be stopped?
— Reported By User January 7, 2021 7:57 PM