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Raleigh, NC, USA
Symptoms: Fever, Itching
My wife and I wanted to get the CoV2 vaccine but had significant concerns about the messenger RNA versions.
Anyway, we got the J&J vaccine, and we are satisfied with it.

However, some things need to be stated. My wife had a 103.3-degree fever the night of her shot. I didn't feel great, but the aftereffects took longer to present themselves. While I had a slight fever, my response presented itself as bruises that itched terribly.

We are two weeks out from the vaccine, and things are going back to normal. My wife and I had to build up our stamina from the day of the shot and now (two weeks and four days ago).

Overall, we still feel that the J&J jab was the best vaccine for us. Even though this vaccine's efficacy looks less than the others, it is quite comparable if you look at the places it was tested and when it was tested.

We would highly recommend this vaccine to all who would prefer a more conventional vaccine.
— Reported By User March 29, 2021 9:50 PM