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Ralphs, North Sepulveda Boulevard, El Segundo, CA, USA
Store sales rep for Ralph's at 15 minutes to close as I was walking out approached me before 10 pm and accused me of going in and out a couple of times and not buying anything ..also while using the toilet ...during the virus lockdown female yanks on bathroom door yelling I have to clean I have to clean.. trying to rip handle off...I said I'm on the pot my reply to sales rep is I'm a customer of Ralph's and a senior. I was thrown out of a Ralph's market for being 58 and a senior by manager and store manager a couple days ago and sent a letter barring me from all Ralph's regardless that I at 8:30 am should have gone to the head of the line and that I was with my 83 year old mother waiting in the car as usual every morning...and also refused me going to bathroom had to go really bad..
— Reported By User April 4, 2020 11:43 PM