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Pittsburgh, PA, USA
My puppy Angus, at age 5 months, ate a small amount of a dream bone on Jan 9, 2020 in the afternoon, and then started crying and pacing, not eating any more. About 5 pm, he refused to eat, and went to lie down in his bed, not begging at our table while we ate. He seemed stiff, and lay down with his neck stretched out. Soon he was unresponsive and glassy-eyed, and stiff as a board. I took him to the Emergency vet, who did not think that there was any obstruction, and while at the vet's he improved, so I brought him home for observation. The vet said that it could be the onset of a neurological condition, or something in the Dreambone. He recovered, is now 18 months (it is more than a year later) and has never had a similar episode. By a process of elimination, it is probable that the Dreambone caused this reaction, and that it wasn't lethal because he only ate a small amount.
— Reported By User January 19, 2021 10:19 PM