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2 months ago
Yesterday I bought and gave my dog two dream one twist dog treats. A couple hours later he was acting sick. Head down, not himself. He's a very energetic blue Lacy so this is unlike him. Yesterday evening I noticed he was trying to poo but couldn't. He refused his normal treats (not the dream bone but he gets blue buffalo bits after potty breaks) this was another red flag . My boy never turns down a treat.
All last night he was restless. It's now 10 am on the day after giving him the dream bone twists. He's still restless, can't get comfy, lays down then stands up then sits down with his head down. Won't eat, even things he normally loves. I've rubbed his belly and tried to comfort him. I let him out and walked him around a bit to try and help his bowels move along. Still nothing. He ate a bit of grass which is normal when dogs don't feel good. A bit later he started puking a massive amount and I could see alot of undigested dream bone in it. Those dream bones are the only new thing hes had and now he's really sick. I'm scared after reading about other law suites and issues regarding this product that my dog might have obstructed bowels from eating eat. I'm watching him closely and ready to take him to the vet as soon as I see if he's going to improve after puking or not. Vet visits are really expensive and if he needs surgery or declines further I'm going to raise hell. It's not okay for money hungry corporates to line their pockets while falsely advertising its products as safe knowing dam well it's killing beloved animals. My dog deserved a treat not a fight for his life.
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