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4 months ago
I bought these as a special gift for my little Maltese cross. Last night I gave her one. This morning I gave her another one. She’s been non stop puking, trying to poo.
Very uncomfortable.

The only thing different in her diet was introducing these treats.

When I pulled the treats out to read the label today after seeing her like this. She had no interest in the treats. Like she is aware that this is what’s hurting her.
I bought them at the superstore location on Hardin street in Fort Mcmurray Alberta.

After researching them. I feel like they need to be pulled from shelves.

If someone can go to jail for kicking a dog a store and a product owner should also be charged with hurting and animal.
I hope my dog will be okay. And I had kept my bag as evidence in a area closed off to public or any animal.

Thank you.
#dreambonedogtreats #petfood #dogfood #fortmcmurray #alberta #canada #vomiting
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