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NYU Langone Hospital Brooklyn, 150 55Th St., BROOKLYN, NY, 11220, USA
'- Employees are required to go into isolation rooms, with positive Covid-19 patients, and change broken ceiling tiles. Employees must perform this task wearing only surgical mask and latex gloves. As a consequence employees became ill with Covid-19. - The employer did not ensure that employees working in the engineering department were informed of the hospital's COVID-19 risk assessment and what proper PPE is to be used. - An employee was found dead in the compactor room. An investigation was not done to determine the cause of death and date of the incident. This fatality was not reported to OSHA along with a copy of the investigative reports and witness statements. -

Alleged Hazards: 1, Employees Exposed: 20
Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-06-05
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