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Duane Reade Pharmacy 2854 BWY, 2864 Broadway, NEW YORK, NY, 10025, USA
'--- OSHA Cplt items Workplace: Duane Reade Pharmacy located at 2864 Broadway, New York --- pharmacy personnel are concerned about coronavirus exposure hazard; customers may have coronavirus, at least one pharmacy employee had tested positive; --- employer has not done coronavirus cleaning; --- employer is not providing masks; (note; CDC guidelines changed two days ago to now advise use of face covering; CDC guidelines link is below in this letter) --- employee who tested positive was out one week then came back but said they have a fever and is still working today; cplnnt questions why only out 7 days; cplnnt believes 14 days quarantine was required;

Alleged Hazards: 1, Employees Exposed: 2
Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-04-08
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