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Caldecott Construction, Inc., 2597 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94704, USA
1. Multiple damaged extension cords draped in pools of water are being used. T8 CCR 2500.25 & 2510.4 2. Employees are working on the roof without fall protection, such as body harnesses. T8 CCR 1724(f) & 1730 3. The employer did not identify, evaluate and/or control hazards from COVID-19 in the workplace. The employer is not requiring/enforcing the use of face coverings. T8 CCR 3203(a)(4) & (6)

Alleged Hazards: 3, Employees Exposed: 1
Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-10-19
— Reported By User November 18, 2020 12:00 PM