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Republic Services, 3150 N 7th St Trfy, Kansas City, KS 66115, USA
1. No fall protection is provided and employees are required to climb a total of 13ft to get on top of the trucks. 1910.501(a) [Location: Maintenance shop] 2. Eye wash station has broken plumbing and is not working. 1910.151(c) [Location: Maintenance shop next to supervisors office] 3. Employer is requiring employees to use A-frame ladders out of fiberglass and they are broken in a couple of locations. 1910.23 4. Extension cords and electric power tools are frayed and have exposing wiring. 1910.303 5. Oil continues to drip from hoses onto floor and not being fixed and causing slip hazards; Several parts/tools/trash spread throughout the shop causing tripping hazards. 1910.22 6. One exit door is not properly marked as a non exit/exit 1910.37 7. No safety meetings have been held in the past 1.5 years 8. Ceiling/roof material falling on employees, tool boxes all throughout the day, daily. [General Duty 5(a)(1)] 9. Fire extinguishers are not being inspected on a monthly basis. Fire extinguishers are not located places appropriate distance between one another. 1910.157 10. Fluid Bottles/drums not properly labeled; Safety data sheets are not being updated. 1910.1200 11. Used oil and fuel filters are being discarded into regular trash, as well as used oil absorbent; Aerosol cans being disposed off into regular trash and spread all through the shop not in a fire cabinet. 1910.120 12. Employer is not enforcing masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 [General Duty 5(a)(1)]

Source: | Receipt Date: 2020-10-01
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