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Co-op Food - Brookfield, The Old Community Centre, Brookfield Ct, Ashford TN23 5ER, United Kingdom
Symptoms: Other
I had tinned tuna around 8:15pm on 4th June. I noticed the tuna appeared strange after a few normal mouthfuls. The next mouthful I had my mouth was immediately stinging and it tasted slightly metallic. This put me off and I stopped eating, however, my dog had also had a small amount in her dinner. Quite soon after my stomach felt unsettled. About 30 minutes later I had heart palpitations which lasted a short while. About an hour after eating I had itchy hive like bumps appear on my stomach and lower back. My stomach and chest appeared flushed and hot. The hive bumps persisted for a few hours but I had no further symptoms. My dogs stomach also appeared unsettled soon after she ate, as her peristalsis was audible. About 3 hours after she ate the tuna she was sick and appeared quite lethargic. About 6 hours later she felt very hot to the touch and was scratching. 12 hours later she was back to normal.
— Reported By User June 5, 2020 4:09 AM